I’m Kristen, but everyone calls me Kris. I have a B.S. from The University of North Texas in Fashion Merchandising and Business. Alongside being a style blogger, I am a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. I also have my hand in fashion show production,  I’ve produced 3 of my own personal fashion shows here in Dallas! I love giving others the platform to express their gifts and talents, all while sharing mine. I’ve also recently began dabbling in photography. I’ve had a camera for years, but the lens was always on myself instead of others. I have a new found passion for it, and I’m excited to see just where it leads me.

This blog was created to give insight on how I perceive style personally, but to also inspire those around me that style can be a “seven days a week” thing! Seven is my favorite number, as well as God’s number of completion. Therefore I always try to find ways to include it in my work.

I hope that this blog inspires you to seek your own inner style, through whatever platform that may be. I’ve never been solely inspired by only designer brands or keeping up with celebrities that don’t write me a check. Instead, I am all about expressing personal style no matter where it was purchased from. I do like nice things, however I am not rich…yet! My mission is to show my readers that style is both attainable and affordable. For me, style is everything! I hope that I share just enough to bless even just one person who is searching to find their own personal touch of style. I am so blessed to be able to call what I truly love, “work.” When I reflect, I realize that I’ve accomplished a lot to be proud of over the years. And I know God is not even close to being done with me yet!