All dressed up for the living room? Me too. And since leather pants have been my thing this year, why not end the year in a pair. In love with this dark green shade to have alongside my others. But for once I’m not here to fully get into a look. If you’re a regular here when I recap at the end of each year, welcome back! And man has 2020 been a whirlwind of a year, I almost don’t know where to begin. Honey I knew this year was doomed when Kobe and Gigi died okay, don’t even get me started.. .I’m still in awe of just how fast this year has passed alone. I feel like I didn’t have time to even prepare for the end of it before it was already here and gone. I will say a lot of what I spoke on this time last year, truly carried me throughout this year and I didn’t even know what was coming at the time. Isn’t it funny how God works just like that? Check out last year’s post here for a little additional inspiration that is still relevant an entire year later. I was more profound than I thought considering what I was going through at that time.

Now have a seat, loves. Let’s chat. Because 2020 tried it, didn’t it? But I actually don’t even want to speak on the negatives of this year, though there were many. I want to shine light on how this year became a blessing to me and so many others, I’m sure. Though it got off to a rough start, and had several trying moments throughout the months that passed, this year was about growth for me. Last year I spoke on change, how God threw so many unexpected changes in my life that were gonna prepare me for what was to come in 2020. God is so sovereign and in the smallest of details within our lives. He allows everything to align with divine purpose and meaning, in the hopes that we step back and see His hand in all that He did. His hand was all up in my business last year because he was preparing me for this very year. And man did He keep me, I mean KEPT me. And my family. With the unexpected loss of my paternal grandmother and my corporate job within the first month of the pandemic, I could’ve easily given up. [okay, that’s the only time I’ll speak on the losses] But God carried me. These events lead me to finally starting therapy, reaching my goal of having at least 3 streams of income, being featured in one of my favorite brand’s ads and website, and eventually starting my clothing boutique. I couldn’t be more proud of myself for these accomplishments during a time where things could’ve been so much worse.

Please know that I’m not bragging by any means, because I know that this year was extremely difficult for a lot of people. But ever since the pandemic started I was convinced that I would find the positives in it and that I would come out on the other side of it a much better person than before. My continuous saying was “a year from now I will not be in the same place mentally, spiritually, physically nor financially.” And that still stands. I can’t fix my mouth to ask for a THING. I’m just a testament to God’s favor and covering throughout a year that was filled with so much chaos and confusion. In the midst of one of the most unexpected years of my life, I was able to find peace. I pray that you were, too.

I want to reference a quote from last year’s NYE blog that truly resonated as I reflected today: “don’t ever allow a minor setback or circumstance that you did not expect to determine your life’s outcome. Tears of pain will turn into tears of joy and gratitude, I speak that over my own life. Push through the hurt, I have been for months and still will. But most importantly go through that journey with God, and He will make all things new.” Holding on to this tight, as 2020 was an entire example of an unexpected circumstance. If we can get through 2020, chile we can get through anything okay. I can’t even go too deep on this year because I’d be typing for days, so I’ll leave you with these two scriptures that I’ve held on to lately – Philippians 4:6-7 & Psalm 143:8.

I pray that by you making it through this year and even being able to read this post right now, that you recognize just how God has kept you as well. I hope that you were able to find something positive from this year, that you accomplished something that you can be proud of or grew in a way that you didn’t expect. And even if you didn’t, even if you’re crawling out of this year on your hands and knees, you see and know that God is still faithful and good. Us making it through this year alone is more than enough. I’m blessed to be able to walk out of this year still thankful. Please know that I’m praying God’s best over you loves, praying for continued safety and protection. Now I don’t know about y’all, but I’m quite over it. This pandemic and all, okay. GOODTbye 2020! Stay safe, loves. And as always, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the endless support and love throughout this year! I felt it so much, and it truly propelled me forward. Stay tuned for so much more!

Outfit: Bodysuit & Coat – H&M | Leather Pants – Zara | Shoes – Steve Madden

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