Here we are on the 27th , and I am just about 2 weeks into age 27 officially. I ultimately feel good, however it is even harder to wrap my mind around 27 than I thought it was for both 25 and 26. I only have 3 years left in my 20’s yallll ☹ and do you know how fast that is going to go by!? I’ve already been out of college for 3 years and that flew by! But as I’ve done a little reflecting on this new age, I’ve realized that I am becoming more accepting of change and the unknown. Since my world has been shaken and we’re not even halfway into this year yet, I’ve kind of had no choice but to get comfortable with drastic change. The biggest change of my life thus far, but I think God wants me to adapt to change better than I have been. He most importantly wants me to trust Him above all else, and that is a major part of accepting change. Therefore I think 27 is gonna be my year of change, knowing that it’s something I struggle with and I hate being uncomfortable. But I think so much is to come of this new age and even new year, and I am ready for all that God has for me. But I now know what it is going to have to start with, and that is change!

Since we’re here, we might as well get into this spring look. And of course I got a great deal on this dress, I actually bought it during the winter for about $10! I don’t know about anyone else, but khaki anything just screams classic and timeless to me. Especially in the spring time, it’s one of my favorite colors to wear in this season. I think this dress was a transition from the fall season, but I love how the khaki trend has spilled over into the spring. In fact, as I’ve been out doing a little spring shopping, I’ve noticed the khaki color palette [with olive] in the front of a few of my favorite stores. I love the incorporation of both khaki and olive this season, which is why I chose to pair these simple heels with this dress.

These heels are oldies but goodies, their soft olive color paired perfectly alongside this dress. This look was perfect for church and my birthday brunch that followed. The details on this dress reminded me of something I’d find in a department store, maybe Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren. I love finding items that look as if they cost more than they actually did, talk about deceived when I revealed to someone that I only paid 10 bucks for it LOL. And as a nice contrast to this spring look, I styled my milk chocolate backpack purse with it. This little gem was a birthday gift from my boyfriend, who swears I’m the hardest person on earth to shop for. I have tons of backpack purses yet I didn’t have one in this distinct color WITH gold hardware detail and that’s what I love the most about it. It’s size is also perfect for travel, and so easy to pair alongside spring/summer looks! Ladies, if you haven’t already I would suggest investing in a simple yet chic backpack purse. They’re so convenient if you’re like me and don’t care for carrying large purses.

As we’re halfway through this week, and it is quickly winding down THANK GOD, I want to encourage anyone who’s feeling inspired. Whether it’s through a blog, modeling, photo shoots or anything really. One of my main goals through my platform is to show just how attainable and affordable style is. Dig through your closet and see what spring looks you can pull together. So what if it’s not the “latest trends”, one thing about fashion is it repeats itself and I can guarantee there is something in your wardrobe that’ll do the trick. One thing that actually plays a role in the type of day that I have is how I’m dressed. I felt super cute and stylish in this look on that Sunday, and I had the best day right along with it. It motivates me when taking my pictures and writing my posts or these blogs, it just gives me a different type of push in which I feel so accomplished after. I encourage you to try it this week as well! Bring out some of your favorite spring looks, maybe even take some pics of yourself. With that being said, have a beautiful remainder of the week! I also took votes on my Instagram for things you guys want to see featured on my blog this season. I have tons of ideas already brewing, but feel free to leave comments as well! Happy Wednesday!

Outfit: Dress – H&M | Heels – Olivia Fargiano | Purse & Watch – Fossil

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