I come bearing simple tips, in the form of jeans and a white t-shirt. This is a super simple post, showing 3 ways in which you can style a basic white tee and distressed jeans. Now this post is more than just these generic pictures LOL but I had to give you some sort of visual. However, I’ll be giving full details and styling tips on each, making it as vivid as possible for you. I took some votes on my Instagram a few weeks ago and many people voted for ‘ways to style certain items’. I’m beginning with this classic duo since it’s super attainable and affordable. You can scoop up various styles of white tees for the low [ I don’t think I paid over $10 for any of these pictured below], grab your favorite distressed denim [or create your own] and make the look come to life for whatever the occasion. Whether you choose a v-neck or crewneck, a fitted tee or loose tee, this is a look that can be styled various ways and make a different statement each time. Let’s start with the super casual version…and please disregard how many times my arm is up against my head in these pics, I almost don’t even realize that I’m doing it anymore SMH.

The Sandals
This basic v-neck is actually a bodysuit, perfect for high waist jeans. What I found that made this simple look pop was the coordinating color of the belt and the sandals. That’s such an easy addition to any tee and jeans combo. Whether you choose nude like I did, classic brown or even a pop of spring color such as yellow, it’s an easy and cute finishing touch. This look is perfect for a casual spring Saturday out and about.

Let’s transition into another casual option.. .

The Vans

In addition to a classic solid tee comes the white tee with a slogan or graphic on it, which is also an easy option to style. It’s perfect for distressed jeans and a pair of classic sneakers. Vans are typically my go to with my denim looks, you can choose any color sneakers to style with the two since white and denim coordinate with literally anything. This look is also great for a casual or even rainy day, yet it still becomes a stylish look with these two simple pieces.

Now let’s transition into lighter denim and a fitted crew neck tee instead.. .

The Heels
One of my favorite looks to style is a t-shirt, jeans and super cute heels. I tucked this tee into the jeans to emphasize their high waist as well. And a good pair of easy neutrals are perfect to add to your spring and summer shoe collection, and in this case these were great for light wash denim and a white tee. You can opt out for a pair of spring colored heels also, strappy, single sole or even a chunky heel pair. To complete the looks, simply add a denim jacket for a sweet double denim duo, also a favorite of mine. And so what if you’re washes don’t match perfectly, it’s all denim! Whether your jacket is medium wash, dark wash or even white denim, pair it with this look for a stylish final touch! This is a super easy date night or brunch look, two of my favorite things to do!

I hope you all found these tips helpful! I love sharing super simple ways to look stylish, especially ones that are affordable. Easy looks that you can style up or down, casual and cute, with items you’ve had in your closet forever. Leave me comments if you found this helpful, or even have other suggestions of items that you’d like to see me style! Have a blessed Tuesday guys!

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