Happy New Year, loves! It’s officially 2020 and this blessing of a blog of mine is 4 years old today! Yep, it’s my blogiversary!! As always, I have to start by thanking each and every one of you. Your love for me and this blog means SO much! The support has been endless, and here we are 4 whole years later. Nothing goes unnoticed, and although I still have so far to go, I am proud of how far I have come. I couldn’t imagine this blog not being a part of my life. It’s not perfect, but I love that I make my own rules and set my own expectations, doing it MY WAY. 4 years is a great accomplishment for me, and I couldn’t be more happy with the progress that I have made over the years. Happy Birthday Seven Days In Style!!!

I have to be honest and say that I was a little “behind” on setting my goals for the new year. I had a week off of work from Christmas to New Years and I wanted to do absolutely nothing. And that’s what I did, rested mentally and physically, no obligations or expectations. I just went with the flow and I loved it and felt no guilt. The last time I remember fully doing just that was back in March on my trip to Jamaica. But one particular goal that is at the top of my list is to eliminate those expectations based on society’s standards. You know, the typical “it’s about to be 2020 so write down your goals, plan this out, delete this and that, declutter this and that” and all of the other things social media bombards us with. That stuff comes from opinions and preferences that people choose to share, you didn’t do anything wrong if you came into the new year without a list of goals written out or a detailed plan for how you wanted this year to go. I have been teaching myself since a small episode I had last summer that it is okay if the original plan is altered. To stop pressuring myself and setting unrealistic expectations, and then have a whole breakdown when it doesn’t happen. It’s not healthy, and honestly not even worth it. I started by reminding myself daily that if it happens it happens, and if it doesn’t that’s okay. If I can make both events in one night, it is fine. If I can’t attend at all, the world is not ending. I apply that to socializing, family events, and even my blog/posting schedule. I was the queen of overbooking and pressuring myself and I really started to see the effects of it. So that is my #1 2020 goal that I will maintain!

Another goal would be in relation to my personal style and styling business. I won’t go into the business side as much, but I am believing that God will reveal some things to me over this next 21 days that I can speak more to in the days to come. But as far as my personal style, I love the simplicity and classiness of it. But I want to pull out a few head turners, step outside of the box a little bit. I’ll be brainstorming on that as well. Speaking of, let’s go back and put getting my closet alllll the way together at #2 on the list for 2020! Somethings gotta give and I’m officially fed up with it lol. If you know, you know. And I got positive feedback the last time I sold some items through IG, so I def want to circle back around to that at some point. Aside from consistency [per usual] drinking more water, cooking at home more and traveling, I don’t have any over the top goals for the year. I am still in the process of planning my next fashion show, as well as I plan to make another news appearance. But I’m mainly putting everything in God’s hands this year, in all aspects of my life. Me trying to drive hasn’t quite worked out clearly, so I’m over it. Whatever happens just happens, and whatever comes with that, I’ll take it.

I remember basically crawling my way into 2019, 2018 was tough and I was moreso just relieved to be entering a new year. I can say that I entered 2020 in a much better place, and I’m thankful for that growth. A lot transpired in 2019 that could’ve had me entering this new year in an identical headspace. But I told myself that I wouldn’t let those circumstances defeat me, that I still had far too much to be grateful for. Some family and my closest friends repeatedly told me how amazed they were at the state of mind that I was in after one really tough and unexpected situation. Evidently they could see what I couldn’t see and I had to have been doing something right. So I’ve just been using that as ammunition ever since to just keep going. I vowed to make 2019 a year of my comeback, and although I wasn’t able to produce the fashion show I had planned [due to multiple deaths in my family] I still had what I’d consider an amazing comeback. And I plan to keep it up in 2020! So here’s to a new year yall, we made it! And whether you walked in with your head held high, or crawled in on your hands and knees, God has you here for a reason! Keep me in prayer for these 21 days of fasting though, I gave up drinking as one of my sacrifices…it’s day 3 and I’ve already contemplated quitting twice HAHA. Have a good week everyone!

Outfit: Top & Bottoms – H&M | Coat – Macy’s | Shoes – Steve Madden


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