Here we are at year 5 already, year FIVE! It’s hard to believe that I’ve had this blog baby of mine for a whole 5 years. The only word that comes to mind is thankful, just thankful. I’ve learned so much and been through so much within the last 5 years, and this blog has seen it all. I’ll admit that year 5 doesn’t look the way I thought it would, I had big plans to celebrate this blogiversary. But God saw otherwise and I’m at peace with that. I still have SO much to be proud of and thankful for despite expectations I had. God has orchestrated every part of what I’ve done with this blog, every detail. The opportunities that I’ve been given, the people I’ve met and worked with, the things I’ve accomplished, All Him! I pray before I write my blogs, I share my faith and experiences along with my personal style in the hopes that it’ll inspire even just one person. My blog has blossomed beautifully into a platform where I can authentically be myself while sharing what I love with others that simply enjoy what I do. It’s a beautiful gift that I’ve been given and I’m thankful to be able to pour into it. I have some key things I’m praying and manifesting on this year through this blog, and I can’t wait to share! Happy 5th Birthday/Anniversary, Seven Days In Style!

I’m often hard on myself about the things I haven’t done within 5 years, but for these last few weeks as this day approached, I’ve really taken a step back and reflected on all that I have done and it’s MUCH to be proud of. If no one ever tells me that, I can tell myself and God will reassure it. My blog is by no means perfect, let alone anywhere close to where I know it will be, but it has progressed and is truly my safe haven. All of the time, the tears, the testimonies, I could go on all day. I’m so very thankful for this gift of words and style that have developed into this very website. It’s a gift that I do not and cannot take for granted.

Similar to last year, I did not enter this year with a list of goals and aspirations. I’m sure we can all agree that making it out of 2020 was enough. 2019 actually showed me that you can make whatever plans you want, but what God wants to happen is what will happen. And 2020 just reconfirmed that, so I get it LOL. Instead, I’ve chosen to speak things over myself and my businesses. I’ve chosen specific things to pray over and pour into, with the hopes of getting the results that I pray for. If you know me, you know that at the beginning of every year I do 21 days of fasting and prayer with my church. This always sets the tone for my year, so that is all that my focus has been on this first week of 2021. I believe that through my intentional prayer and fasting, God is gonna reveal to me what I need to focus on and do. I’m literally taking things day by day, 202o taught me that because you never know what life will throw at you. Being still and trusting God through every step is the only way I will survive whatever is thrown my way. The one common thing I’ve noticed within the past 3 years that I think God really needs me to grasp [that I still haven’t] is being able to adapt to change. I am not too proud to admit that is something that I struggle with. But I have faith that through the different unexpected changes He’s thrown at me these last few years, it is building me for my future.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still manifesting and hopeful for certain things to play out for me this year. I have some new ventures up my sleeve and plenty of new ideas brewing. But even if they don’t manifest, just like last year, I will continue to trust God’s plan for my life. I’m only 4 days into my fast and I’m already feeling myself being realigned and centered. God is very intentional, and I encourage you to consult with Him on how to navigate through these crazy times we’re in. It will give you a peace that you cannot even understand. One thing I have maintained for the last year is taking certain pressures off of myself. Pressure to do certain things, have certain conversations, be in certain spaces or around certain people, nah. Although I do need to be a bit more gentle with myself, which I am working on, I am proud of my growth this far. I tell myself daily that I am enough, reminding myself what is for me is just that, for me. All 2020, my priority was to protect my peace by any means. That will be carried with me throughout 2021.

So in conclusion, 2021’s goal is to trust God. Solely. In literally every aspect of my life. Life is so short, too short. But all in all, I want what God wants for me. Period. And I have the faith to get just that. Thank you guys for being my loyal readers and supporters for 5 whole years. Thank you guys for patience and love when life took unexpected turns and I wasn’t able to pour into Seven Days In Style the way that I would have wanted to. Thank you guys for simply just loving this platform as much as I do, it wouldn’t be what it is without you guys. Oh yes, about that special announcement! Get excited, The Boutique is returning this month! I have some superrrrr cute pieces that I’m bringing in for the winter collection, I can’t wait to share with y’all! I’d love to see you guys drop some encouragement and love in the comments, let me know how your 2021 is going and what you’re believing God for! Stay safe, be blessed and talk with you soon, loves! xoxo

Outfit: Dress – Zara | Shoes – CapeRobbin | Earrings – Forever21 | Bracelet – MVMTHer


  1. 👏👏👏 God’s favor on your life shines in your body of work!! May God bless you and your business!

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