Don’t I look like a cute lil spring peppermint? Lol. But for those of you who saw my almost weekly Instagram post featuring Sunday’s attire, this dress looks fairly familiar to you. As I mentioned in the caption of the post, this dress was definitely a steal. During my last minute Easter dress shopping, I came across this dress and was automatically drawn to it for 2 reasons, it was striped and it had pockets. That was enough for me. I noticed it’s price of $50, wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t sold sold to pay that much for it for one special Sunday’s wear. I ran across it again while shopping for a client this weekend, and noticed it’s new new price. I walked out with this girl for $15. Now aside from that.. ..I’m here to simply share my 7 favorite details about her, now that she’s mine and all.

1. I’ll start with this dress’s cut, which you can see clearly here. I wouldn’t call it asymmetrical, nor high-low. But I found it to be very flattering.

2. I thought I captured a better picture than I actually did. But if you look very closely, there are several small white buttons in a vertical direction along the side. I would think that these are to allow the shirt to be versatile, unbutton these and this could be worn as a shirt with splits perhaps.

3. Notice the different directions of the stripes? The variation of horizontal and vertical stripes was so chic and modern, giving this dress it’s own unique statement in my opinion.

4. I love these sleeves! They’re over-sized, similar to a flare sleeve. There is a thin slit in each sleeve, which I thought was such a cute added touch of detail.

5. As I mentioned earlier, I was sold on the fact that it has pockets. Anything with pockets is always a winner, yay to functional clothing!

6. I love the added belt. It works for my petiteness and not wanting clothes that aren’t fitted to drown me. I can tighten the belt in order for the dress to fit me even more perfectly.

7. This color scheme alone. It’s so versatile and easy to style. I mean just think about it, I could pair almost any color shoes, or sandals, with it. Although it’s not a classic black/white, or even a denim combination, it’s colors are so style-able. [Yes I just made that word up. :)]

In addition to me posting all of my favorite spring trends, I will continue sharing the great deals that I find, as well as exactly where YOU can find them. Happy Wednesday!


Outfit: Dress – H&M | Heels – Forever21 | Purse & Bracelet – Michael Kors

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