Last week, well actually it’s been longer than that now that I think about it. But on October 6th, I attended the AFRIMMA fashion show! For those of you who don’t know, this is the annual fashion show for the African Music Magazine awards, and I was invited to be a special VIP guest and blogger for the event! Now I’ve attended plenty of men’s and women’s runway shows in Dallas, but this was the first cultural show I had ever attended. I thoroughly enjoyed it, from the custom made fashion, to the traditional fabrics and crafting, it was truly amazing to see on a runway. I was so inspired in so many different ways! I met and connected with some great people, saw some amazing artwork and most importantly, gorgeous fashion straight from Africa! I can’t even share all of the pictures that I took, nor all of the looks that were served but just know there were plentyyyy. Best of all, it was both men and women’s fashion, which I definitely enjoyed! Most of the garments that you will see were custom and handmade by the designer’s themselves, and each designer was present to represent their work, which was also amazing to see!

Me and my right hand man, Sammie, slaying the red carpet. For those of you who don’t know her, or recognize her but can’t remember where from, she is my assistant and co-producer of AWL of my personal fashion shows! Click the link to her name to follow her and her blog!

Curls was there representing! I actually have quite a few products of their myself! My favorite is their blue berry hair growth oil!

I cannot remember the name of the artist who’s artwork this was, LAWD. But she was there, actually taking pictures of me posing in front of this wall for this picture below LOL.

Let’s get into some of the fashion! I’m just going to share a few of my favorites that I captured.

The show began with custom wear from Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda and more! Just beautiful!

The above 3 were all custom made from designer Marta Ruiz , who is actually Columbian! She has some amazing all white looks, in addition to pops of color! The gold dress was simply my favorite!

I LOVE a double breasted suit jacket, whether for men or women! There were classic and sophisticated! From designer Uhuru. I couldn’t locate their page to share.

The above are from designer Ace Couture, and I liked how she tied in African inspired prints with sheer and intricate detailing!

These men’s printed suits were sooo dapper! My favorite detail was how every model wore classic Air Force 1’s or adidas with their suit or thing the last guy is wearing, would I call that a men’s kaftan? Idk but it was fly! Check out designer 02byDada !

And last but not least, two flawless printed jackets by designer Karen Gold ! She’s actually based out of London, which I thought was dope! These 2 were my favs from her collection!

And this was just a guy seated across from us who I casually asked if I could take a picture of his fit because I thought it was dope, he agreed!

I also met the gorgeous and down to earth Lady Jade from K104!

Overall, I’d have to say my experience was quite enjoyable and I enjoyed the VIP treatment as well! Huge thank you to Micheal, my former leasing agent, for the invite and recommendation! God clearly allows you to cross paths with people in random places for reasons that you might not see until years later! For those wondering about my blazer dress, it’s from Missguided but it’s sold out! I looked for the link to add for ya’ll but no luck! That’s probably because I actually ordered this dress back in early March as my birthday dress, and long story short it was sent back to their warehouse because of FedEx. Anyway, I finally got it after the fact, yet found a way to make good use of it for this event! I hope you guys enjoyed this brief peek into this exciting and different experience I had! Hope ya’ll are having a blessed week! I’ll have another blog coming this week so stay tuned!


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