It’s no secret that the return of neon is taking OVER. And I’m quite surprised that I myself caved into it. Nothing too extreme though, you know I’ll always believe in keeping things simple. However, I did want to share 3 different ways in which I’m styling this neon top that I absolutely adore. I’ll get into exactly why and it’s details in a few…but let me just begin by saying this shirt was a must have from the moment I saw it. So much so that I paid for overnight shipping for it because I just HAD to have it for the B2K concert and I just suck at life sometimes and wait until the last minute and don’t even get me started…. BUT I can tell already it will be worth the money and struggle because I have found multiple stylish ways for it to be put to good use this season!

Originally, I wanted to style this top with the snakeskin biker shorts for the concert. But for the life of me I could not locate a pair of cute snakeskin biker shorts, and I was not paying for overnight shipping twice in one week! So instead I settled for this classic black pair with a contrasting white stripe. They still fit the ‘theme’ I was going for, I wanted an early 2000’s vibe with my look [hint the neon and biker shorts] but I didn’t want to take it alllll the way back LOL. Kudos to those that did and killed it, though! I simply love the details of this shirt, and that’s why it was so worth it to me. I’m not a huge fan of crop tops, especially now being a little older eh..I don’t know…I just feel like I’m past that era LOL. But the ruching and tie trend is a favorite of mine, and I loved those added to this top. Besides it’s bright neon color which gives you no choice but to stand out, I also like it’s ribbed effect. Since I’m a lover of keen details on clothing, I just thought the B2K concert was the perfect place to wear it.

I’ve also been seeing the snakeskin crossing paths with neon this season and I am indeed here for it as well. It’s just something about that contrast that has caught my attention. Together the two give a cute festival/concert season vibe, something fun and edgy for the season. I chose to style them with my classic all white vans, since they do no wrong. I also already have an additional idea for a way that I can style these snakeskin print biker shorts that I’m pretty excited to execute. Stay tuned for that!

As you all know, denim never fails. In this case, this almost acid wash pair definitely did the trick. I’ve had this pair of jeans for quite some time, almost thought to get rid of them until realizing acid wash is slowly creeping back in as well. Which is no surprise, style and fashion just repeat themselves. And I will add, neon will honestly work with any wash of denim. Light wash and a dark wash are my top two choices. This look is perfect for a simple date night, social event or even casual dinner. I think this look can be completed with a mini purse easily, gives me strong streetwear vibes.

Lastly, the patent trend which is still circulating. I’ve pulled this gem out of the archive because I thought it coordinates with neon perfectly. I even added my favorite pair of patent strappy sandals just to be extra. This look can be worn for the same occasions as the one above, just an edgy touch with the neon.

I meant to add before, a denim mini skirt, denim shorts and even denim jackets are all great additions to neon. I am also here for monochromatic neon looks as well. Whether styled with heels, dope sneakers or even slides, I’m enjoying the different ways in which people are choosing to style it. Even ways complete opposite of mine, which we all now this is the “safe route”. Feel free to experiment with your neon this season, now it the time to do it because who knows how long it’s here for! I have a neon pink top that I’m excited to style as well, which I’ll be sure to share. Happy Thursday lovely peeps! Tag me in your neon looks and I’ll repost and/or add tips or feedback if wanted!

Outfits: Neon Top – Forever21 | Contrast Stripe & Snakeskin Biker Shorts – H&M | Sneakers -Vans Old Skool | Jeans – H&M | Patent Skirt – Forever21 | Patent Heels – Olivia Ferragamo

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