Blazers and biker shorts, who knew the two could co-exist. And make such a cute and stylish combo at that! After doing a little research, I found myself to be a total fan of this current trend. It’s the perfect mix of chic and casual, suitable for various occasions such as date night, social events, happy hour and more. I’ve judged it based on the way these fashionistas have styled it:

a good and easy slay

And I am indeed a super fan at this point. It’s an easy and convenient go-to, which can  also be super affordable. Most wardrobes contain at least one good blazer, even if you haven’t worn it in forever [like me]. If not, they’re not hard to find at all. I’d suggest getting a slightly oversized/longer length, vintage style, one at a thrift store. And biker shorts are literally taking over the fast fashion stores these days. I love looks that are attainable for all, super affordable, all while providing a good and easy slay!

I liked the idea of some type of graphic tee to be paired underneath the blazer, so I chose my fav Whitney tee of course. If you recall, I styled this blazer last fall and I’m loving that this classic print is still in rotation. I know it’s technically not the most “summery” blazer but it worked for the look I was trying to achieve. I actually don’t own a good amount of blazers as you’d probably think, I don’t even own an oversized solid black blazer which is a wardrobe staple. It’s definitely time to change that!

I styled the two with just simple black biker shorts, which I’ve had these for probably close to 5 years. Funny to see them this popular again years later, but as always, fashion tends to repeat itself. Besides, simple black is the easiest way to coordinate with any color blazer. It’s also honestly the main color I’ve seen this look styled with. Feel free to make this look completely your own, adding your choice of color blazer and biker shorts! Finish the look off casually with stylish sneakers. Or you can go a different route [see below] with the simple or chic heels, if you’re feeling dressy. And the older I’ve gotten, the more I look for the opportunity or setting in which I can put on a cute pair of heels, especially summer heels. We’ll get more into that on another post though…

Here’s an additional, more trendy, way to style this look. Adding the belt bag cinches the waist and is a fun addition to the look. Complete the look with simple heel like these, or even spice it up with some sneakers as well!

Special thank you to my reader who voted for this trend as this week’s blog post, as well as those who agreed with her suggestion! If you guys would like for me to take suggestions/votes on weekly blogs more often, please do let me know! That helps in more ways than one, my fellow creatives know how hard it is to come up with inspo sometimes. Especially when your mind stays flooded with ideas like mine does. Anywho, I don’t know about y’all but I am so looking forward to the weekend. Mainly because that means only one more weekend to get through until my summer baecation. PLUS tomorrow is the official first day of summer, for those of you who didn’t know! Happy Friday Jr y’all, and have a safe and blessed weekend! [P.S. I’m getting more and more confident posting without makeup! 😄]

Outfit: Blazer & Biker Shorts – H&M | Graphic Tee – Target | Belt Bag – Aldo | Sneakers – Nike Air Max 97


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