Happy New Year! Long time no see, my loves. I know I know, it’s been a whole entire year! But today calls for a celebration! It’s the 7th blogiversary of Seven Days In Style. And we had to chat about it! Because I myself cannot believe it’s been a year since my last post. It’s such a blessing to reach year 7, on the 7th day, of the year of 7 [2+0+2+3=7] and yes I know it’s super technical. But that’s just how much the number seven means to me. It’s God’s number of completion. It holds such a superior meaning in my life, and always has. I wanted to celebrate this milestone in such a huge way, but this year I am letting God take the lead, and I am following. Whatever is supposed to happen, will. I felt called to get back to this platform, and I’m trusting that He will align and lead as He sees fit. I’m officially back though, for real this time LOL. So let’s catch up! We’ve got TONS to talk about!

Seven whole years ago, I started this brand. Seven Days In Style. I named it that, because I wanted my readers to know that style could be both attainable and affordable, seven days a week. That’s the mantra that I’ve stood by all of these years. That’s my guarantee with every look that I share. This blog means so much to me because it was formed out of a true love that I have for style. It was formed at a time that I was unsure what was next for me. I was always encouraged to do it, but never really saw where it would or could go. In 2016 I had just been let go from a job that I thought I was going to kickstart my career. But God said otherwise, and I’m so thankful that He did. I’ve watched Him redirect and guide every step since then. And here we are, 7 whole years later. No matter how discouraged I get, or difficult it becomes, I can’t abandon what I’ve built. There are absolutely times for redirection, taking a step back and refocusing [burnout is real] but the end goal will always look the same for me.

Where have I been, you ask? I took an unplanned hiatus, and it’s wild how fast a year has went by. Like unreal. But ya girl is doing pretty well, I don’t have any major complaints thankfully. It’s been an entire year since I quit my full time corporate job, and God has been so faithful. It’s had ups and downs, but I’m so proud of myself. The year 2022 was filled with growth, fear, ambiguity, grief, disappointment, laughter, learning, and so much more. It was most definitely a year of change, redirection and stillness. In 2023, I’m hopeful for consistency, discipline and alignment. Most importantly, this is the year of BIG faith. Everything big 2023, need to get that put on a shirt!

About this dress, I actually bought it back in 2020. I wore it for the 1 year anniversary dinner of my papa’s death, and hadn’t found a reason to pull it back out. I figured this was the perfect occasion to do so! One thing I did this past fall, and I’m continuing throughout the winter season, is recycling things that are already in my closet that I’ve forgotten about. I have entirely too many staples [items that can last forever] that were collecting dust. So as opposed to shopping, I’ve found this route to be much more fun. Reinventing things that I forgot I had, repurposing good quality essentials that I’ve invested in. It’s been a challenge that I’ve definitely enjoyed. Shockingly, I only purchased 3-4 things in the fall, and so far nothing for the winter. We shall see how long I keep this up before I give in. Purging my closet is long overdue, but that’s another story for a different day.

Just some details of the super cute scenery where this year’s shoot was held. I was obsessed, and it coordinated with my look perfectly! One thing I haven’t got to share much about, is my love for home decor. I am hopeful that will unfold for me in 2023 as well, but I’m learning to take things one at a time. I’ve already worked on a few projects that I’m excited to share. Don’t call me an interior designer just yet, but it’s most definitely loading!

I pray you’re as excited as I am to get back to this! This blog is where it all started, and I never want to take that for granted. Thank you to my readers and anyone who’s shown me consistent love for the last 7 years. You don’t know how much it means to me. Celebrate this milestone with me today! Leave me a comment, show some love on my IG [link on the lower right] and let me know you’re happy the blog is back! God willing, I’ll share every idea and accomplish every goal I’ve set for myself and my brand this year. Keep me in your prayers as I find my way back into consistency with the things I love. Life be life’n, as we all know. But it’s important to pour back into yourself and the things you love in whatever way that you can. I hope that encouraged who it needed to today. No matter how long it takes [it took me a whole year], do whatever your heart is calling you to do. If you feel peace with it, then it just may be what God has for you. I appreciate you, loves! Chat soon! XOXO

Outfit: Dress – Zara | Heels & Purse – Steve Madden

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