Let the blessings pour innnn! With Christmas just about a week away already, I figured this was a good time to chat about what I am considering one of my early Christmas gifts. [Aside from the new tv being delivered to my house that my mom surprised me with because I gave mine away, THANKS MOM] And of course we’ll chat about some Christmas looks too, especially this one that accompanied me on my first tv debut. I’ve actually been in a season of reflection for some weeks now. This time of year usually takes me through that. I won’t get much into it though, I’ll save it for my end of the year blog. But for now, let me spill on one of my biggest blessings of 2019! I’ll try not to spare any details. Click here to watch the segment if you missed it!

For those of you who don’t know, I had the pleasure of having a segment covering holiday fashion on WFAA Channel 8 news this past Saturday [HUGE thank you to Breya and Cleo]! The best way for me to describe the experience is that it was truly an amazing rush, super similar to the feeling that I get when I do my fashion shows. And I think that’s why I loved it so much. Most don’t know, but one of my dreams is to be a fashion commentator or host on Fashion Police for E News! I was soooo nervous, but this moment was everything. The cherry on top of what I have accomplished this year, both personally and professionally. God has been giving me very direct reassurance in the last month, like I haven’t had to guess or question as much as I usually would. And for that I am THANKFUL. I’m still trying to make out how I feel after everything, but ya’ll def haven’t seen the last of me on TV, I promise! God is up to some things, and this was just a glimpse. I got complaints from so many people for not telling them beforehand or announcing it etc, and it’s honestly just not me. I am super humble when it comes to a lot of things that I do, so I never want it to seem like I’m ungrateful to God for blessings He is giving me. So I’m praying on a balance that allows me to both celebrate myself, yet still remain humble.

Now about this look.. . As I said on the air, I got the inspo for this look from Zara’s website months and months ago. I’ll drop the photo for it down below. And I’m almost certain I pieced it together for way less than what Zara was selling it for. I found the winter white Sweater during pre-black Friday sales for $12. Such a good fall/winter staple sweater that is easy for layering this season. I found the knit strapless top to go over it on sale for $15 at the end of the summer, right after I saw the inspo pic. If you recall, these ribbed knit strapless tops were everywhere this summer. Never pictured how they could be styled back to the cold season as well. Scooped up these coordinating winter white pants last minute, I mean literally the day before, for only $15 as well! They’re also a great wardrobe staple for the winter season, perfect to pair with a dressy top or sweater for work and even church. I added my clear and snakeskin combo heels as a simple finish to this look. I wasn’t crazy about how my nude pumps looked with it, the clear was a good alternative for me. I realized soon after that this look too was a great holiday option, even though that wasn’t the original direction that I was going for with it. However it’s soft color palette, easiness to layer AND comfortability had me sold. And it’s super affordable to replicate!

As for my models looks, I wanted fun holiday inspired looks that could be worn after the holiday as well. For example, although the plaid print is perfect for the Christmas holiday, it is also a classic and timeless print that can worn throughout the winter season. This suit is so functional and versatile. Great for a holiday party or dinner, great for the workplace or date night. Easy to pair as a set to appeal to that trend, as well as being able to switch out the jacket or pants with a solid item as a stylish alternative. I loved the idea of a turtleneck and bold earring with this suit, in addition to her high pony the 3 really set the look off. And completing the look with the perfect nude pump was definitely the way to go!

Over the knee boots and mini skirts are definitely the move this holiday season as well. I love the texture and combination of colors within this printed skirt. And these black boots complemented it perfectly. To bring out some color in the skirt, I paired this fitted top in the perfect shade of winter green with it. As I also discussed on the segment, I loved the idea of mixing textures within this look. Her boots are suede, but I finished the look off with a leather croc mini bag [which I snagged for only $10]! Don’t be scared to mix textures and fabrics this season! Either a long black coat or short fur jacket would do just the trick for this look.

Alright I think I’ve given plenty of details on the overall look choices for my tv debut, and my beautiful models accompanied me perfectly for this day. If you feel I left anything out, or even just have some general questions that I didn’t cover above, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or send me an email! I’d be glad to chat more about this experience, I just know there’s only so much that people will read LOL. A special thank you to all who shared, reposted, liked, gave encouraging words and feedback, and showed me any ounce of support with this experience!!! I felt so overwhelmed with love and gratitude!!! I hope you lovelies enjoy the rest of your week! Oh yeah, ya’ll done Christmas shopping? Guess who hasn’t even started LOL but what’s new! XOXO

Outfit: Sweater – Forever21 | Strapless Knit Top & Pants – H&M | Shoes – Steve Madden | Models Looks – H&M | Croc Mini Bag – Forever 21

Hair By – Raven | Makeup by Cris

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