Summer is officially here, loves! Just that fast. I can’t be the only person still feeling like we were just in January, and now the year is more than halfway gone. And boy has it been a year to say the least. I also think it’s safe to say we can pretty much count summer 2020 out. Not sure where you live, but between these rising cases in Texas, we won’t be enjoying outside any time soon. Well I won’t, that’s for sure. I refuse to sit down in a restaurant or attend any summer parties. In fact anything that involves large crowds, y’all can have it LOL. This is gonna be a weird summer, that’s for sure. At the height of everything, I honestly didn’t think this would be something that lasted through the summer. But I think we all underestimated Covid. I’m sending love and prayers to anyone who’s been affected by it as well. Although we may be canceling this summer, I don’t plan on canceling it’s cool trends. I’m sure I’ve mentioned multiples times just how much of a fan I am of sneakers with dresses. And I’ve really gotten to showcase that here lately. It’s the perfect mix of casual and classy, like it just works. Casual bodycon dresses, satin dresses, ruched dresses, denim dresses, there’s so many variations to choose from and they all can be pulled off with a pair of sneakers! And if you’re like me, and dress for comfort, it’s an even better choice of combo. So let’s chat about it!

Let’s get into this particular look though. Might I add, I’ve been loving the return of the mini dresses too. Still love a good midi dress as well, especially for dressing up. But mini’s are it for this summer weather. This dress is actually a stretchy denim material, which I loved. You know I’m a sucker for denim. And I also love how it reminded me of a dress from like the 80s that my mom would’ve worn with classic white Keds. I chose to style it with my classic platform Old Skool Vans – which you can shop here. They’re a great summer staple, super easy to style, but also easy to get dirty if I’m being honest. But they complemented this dress perfectly, since I decided I definitely didn’t want to style it with sandals.

Now you know I can’t forget the details. And this dress was such a casual gem with details that I loved, I had to grab it. From it’s vintage puffed sleeves, to it’s open back, I was sold. I also mentioned earlier that it’s denim, which makes it easy to wear. If you look closely, there’s a zipper in the middle of my back. Zippers are always a win for me, the easier to get into a garment, the better. I know I’m not the only one that hates the pull and struggle of putting on a fitted dress over your head, whew. And I chose to accessorize with pops of yellow, which I thought paired perfectly alongside the blue and white combo. I’ve had these sunglasses for years, and I bought this mini purse from Nordstrom’s Top Shop section at the end of the fall. Don’t even ask why I haven’t styled it before now, but it’s finally making it’s debut!

I bought this dress in store at Forever 21, but I searched the website high and low to be able to link it and I had no luck. Being completely honest, I hate not being able to link exact items for you guys to buy, because I know most of you will ask. Sometimes I bought something that was in high demand and it sold out super fast. I even post things that I’ve just had for quite sometime so I couldn’t link it for you even if I wanted to. I try to make up for it by linking similar options or items that I’d still choose and style, so I hope that’s appreciated. And that’s what I’ve done in this case, I’ve linked some of my favorite summer dresses that I’d style with sneakers – click here to shop.

I hope you find the perfect way to style your summer dresses with your favorite sneakers. It’s honestly one of the most simple yet stylish looks to pull off. You can mix colors and patterns, or keep it simple and add pops of color. Remember, don’t be afraid to throw on sneakers with that oversized ruffle dress, or the fitted ruched dress. You’d be surprised what a pair of sneakers can really do when paired with a dress. And simple dresses are the easiest thing to add to your summer wardrobe, they’re literally on every rack and website. Whether dressing them up or down, summer dresses will always be a fav of mine. I hope you guys got some inspiration from this post! Comment below if you plan to participate in this trend! And see some of my personal sneaker/dress combo looks below, and let me know which is your fav! Have a blessed week, loves! 💕

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