Welcome to my favorite time of year, loves. My favorite season for fashion and semi-cool weather. I’m such a lover of fall fashion, and I’m so excited for it this year. I’m building a mini capsule of neutral tones, subtle textures, with occasional pops of print. For whatever reason, at the start of every fall I always feel the sudden urge to re-do my entire wardrobe. I felt that urge this year as well, but decided I’d take a slightly different route. Instead I chose to form a capsule that consisted of a neutral color palette, which I’m so excited to share this season. If you’re not familiar with what neutrals are, they’re nudes, tans, white and off-whites, olive, browns, black and greys. One of my favorite parts about forming this capsule is the ability I’ll have to mix and match the same items, thus creating various looks and showing my viewers versatility this season. And unfortunately I did a large amount of my fall shopping during the summer [got some amazing deals] so a good amount of the items I share, I will not be able to link for you guys. If I can find duplicates, I’ll definitely share those. Above is just a glimpse of some items that will be featured within my fall wardrobe, but stay tuned for so much more. Today I’m walking you guys into a key part of fall fashion, what I’m calling was essentials. These are wardrobe staples for the season that are super easy to style, as well as mix and match. So let’s get into it!

Leather & Padded Shoulder Tees

Let’s begin with leather, one of my favorite fall textures. I actually bought these leather pants last fall, this is their first time out since. They’re the perfect tone for this season, and a great pop of color within my capsule. I’ve styled the padded shoulder tee from The Boutique with them, which you will be seeing plenty of this season as well. They’re very versatile, such an easy essential to be styled with various bottoms, and suitable for fall layering pieces as well. They function just like a simple t-shirt, just a little more chic due to the elevated shoulders. This is definitely one of my favorite shirt options for the season. And as a side note, it is perfectly okay if your colored leathers that you style together are not the same tones. See below for a closer look at this dumpling pouch, a super cute bag trend this season [a Bottega Veneta look-a-like]. I actually got it from Amazon. Contemplating on bringing these into The Boutique this season as well, stay tuned.

The Bodysuit

I had to get this perfect bodysuit in two colors, possibly a third. If you know, you know. Found these bodysuits at one of my favorite stores for fall fashion this season for only $20, and they’re THE easy essential of the season for me. Compatible with leather, denim, skirts, you name it. They’re conforming to the body and the perfect tones to coordinate with other items in my capsule’s color palette. Both whites and nudes are easy to style with almost any fall tone, which is why these are the two that I chose. I’ll be pairing these with a combination of denim and leather all fall long.

Long-Length Vintage Denim

Good denim will always be a necessary staple and essential to my fall wardrobe. I found this pair at the first stop on my search for a good and affordable pair. Being that this style of denim is trending this season, they’re a little hard to come by for a good price. I found for only $15, you can shop them here. If you’re a tiny 5’2 like me, they’re the perfect length to be considered long. They don’t drag, and they’re high waist, pairing perfectly with my bodysuits and fitted tops for the season. I instantly fell in love with their fit and price. They’re doable for mules, as well as trendy fall boots.

Mini Dresses

Last on my easy essentials list, versatile mini dresses. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, the easier and more comfy the garment, the more I’m in favor of it. And this dress is a must have. Here I’m wearing the Drawstring Mini Dress from The Boutique, in the perfect neutral tone for the season. This dress is the epitome of what I just described. You can shop it in two colors to add to your fall wardrobe, only a few left. I love this transitional piece that was suitable for both the summer, and now the fall. As you can see, mini dresses are also super easy to layer, in addition to styling with boots and sneakers.

I hope you guys are excited as I am for all things fashion this season. I have so many looks and great deals to share. It’s more than just the fashion for me with the start of fall, but just the overall feeling of change and growth that I experience this time every year. God is up to some things, I am remaining hopeful and prayerful despite what the world looks like. I encourage you all to do the same! Also stay tuned for what’s on the way from The Boutique‘s fall collection, subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you guys for your love and patience during so much transition this year, as well as my unplanned hiatus. I am back with tons to share! Stay safe and fashionable, loves! Until next time.. . xoxo

Outfits: Bodysuits & Boots – Zara |Olive Jacket, Jeans & Leather Pants – H&M |

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