I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for fall! I know I’m still a month early, but the best time to shop for the fall/winter season is in the summer actually. So let’s chat about my favorite part of personal style, and that’s a good deal. I’m trying to find a cute name for my good steals, since I’m thinking of giving them a new segment here. For those of yall who also love a good deal, what do y’all think? Would that interest you, should I create a segment just for bomb deals that I come across? [even though the majority of what I buy are good deals] Let me know in the comments! It’s no surprise that finding good deals is and always has been my weakness. I’m here today to share some of my latest fab finds, what I liked to call my end of summer steals. I’m pretty excited about them because they are items that will easily transition into the fall season as well, which we all know is my favorite season. And I LOVE a good transitional piece. Let’s get into it.. .

So I know I have a million and 15 simple white graphic and slogan tees, these are actually my true weakness. No matter how many I collect, I can’t seem to stop buying them. They’re just so simple yet so chic, easy to style up or down, they work in any season…with any style bottoms and shoes. They’re just that one piece in your wardrobe that’ll never fail you and that is always easy to style a ton of different ways. I really do try to detour myself from purchasing more since I have SO many, but when it’s only $5 it makes it even harder to resist. No matter how the trends plan to change, these tees will forever be in rotation within my wardrobe. This tee will look perfect under a colored denim jacket, as well as a chic fall trench. I think my obsession stems from the versatility of these style tees.

I’ve been needing a good pair of black denim for years, and I mean years. Out of all of my washes of denim, I do not have a good pair of black. For some reason finding the perfect pair has been the furthest thing from easy, especially in a high-waist fit too. I chose this more fun pair to style for this look, I definitely still need a skinny pair as well to feel complete. I also want a coordinating black denim jacket for the fall season as well, hoping to snag one on sale soon before the season really kicks in. I could’ve styled this tee with so many other bottom choices, a yellow skirt or fitted trouser was actually my first choice. But I wanted a classic but fun touch to this end of summer, pre-pre-fall look. Plus I found these for only $3, yes t h r e e, therefore I was sold. Black denim is perfect to style in all seasons literally, but I’m super excited for their role in my fall wardrobe. I’m envisioning black denim with booties now….

Super excited about these shoes, though. I haven’t been able to find a pair of this style heels [slide on, no ankle strap] all summer long! My feet would literally slide in every pair and that drove me crazy. One thing about me and clothes, I don’t like anything that I have to constantly adjust or fix…and with shoes, I don’t like shoes that make me even feel like I MIGHT fall. So as cute and trendy as this style is, these have been a no-go for me all summer. That’s until I laid eyes on these! They’re leather, with what feels like slightly tighter straps, thus making me feel feel way more secure when I walk. Their unique circular, part wood – part clear heel was just my style of detail. Found these babes for only $20 during my day of deal finding, I couldn’t resist! They too will transition right into the fall, especially since here in Texas it doesn’t begin to cool down til about mid October. I love these with denim and fitted dresses.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my mini spill on accessories, specifically purses. I’m the type of person that buys, or receives, a good purse and will wear it until it’s falling apart. I’m not the person that switches purses daily to coordinate with my look LOL that ship has long ago sailed. I will change for an occasion, specifically to something smaller to fit the occasion. However, I have been loving the current mini bag and long shoulder strap purses that are trending. So much that I couldn’t leave this one behind. Plus it coordinates perfectly with the transparent shoe trend. Although I don’t wear 75% of my purses LOL, I definitely plan to get some wear out of this one in the fall. Best part about it, she was only $20 as well!

Aren’t these beauties?! I saved the best for last. This was by far my best deal this summer. Regularly priced at $100, I unexpectedly scored these for TWENTY DOLLARS! I know…right! It doesn’t get more fall ready than these, OMG. Last pair in my size, totally unexpected but so worth it. Oh the many ways these will be styled this upcoming fall season. You guys have definitely seen my snakeskin booties I’ve featured here multiple times, so I’m super excited to style a taller pair with a slightly different color palette.

I will always and forever be the queen of taking advantage of good deals! No matter how much money I acquire in my promised future, I’ll never be able to pass up a steal. Plus good deals just excite me, and make my shopping feel justified LOL. I hope these fab finds inspired you all to start prepping your fall wardrobes too! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in a deals segment, and if you’ve got some catchy name ideas as well! The weekend is almost here, make it a stylishly affordable one!

Outfit: Tee – Zara | Jeans – H&M | Purse, Heels and Boots – Zara

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