Happy New Year loves! Today calls for a celebration! This isn’t just my first post of 2019, but it’s also my blog’s anniversary! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to SevenDaysInStyle! I couldn’t be more excited about my personal growth both through and on this blog! It’s my safe haven, it’s my happy place, it’s literally my baby which I cherish so much! I’ll never grow tired of thanking you guys for all that you contribute and the huge part you play! It wouldn’t be what it is without you all! I’m so grateful and thankful for another year on this platform! My journey here hasn’t been perfect, or even as consistent as I would like. But that’s a huge part of this adulting journey that I’m still learning, and I’m happy that I can take you all on the journey with me!

Per usual, let’s get into this look. I actually bought this crushed velvet skirt last year. And of course I just removed it’s tags for this shoot. But I loved it’s color and detail so much, I wanted to pair the perfect top with it. Before I knew it, winter was over and it had missed it’s chance lol. But it worked out for the best, because I thought it was perfect for the blog anniversary shoot! In fact, I love this entire color palette!

I loved these colors especially styled with rose gold accessories. Even the zipper on the booties is rose gold, if you want to get technical lol. And I’ve fallen in love with the skirt and sweater trend this season. Together these two create a cozy yet stylish pre-winter look!

2019 came a little too quick for me, if you read my closing 2018 post then you know exactly why. But I am keeping my word per my last post, I’ve entered this year with high hopes and even higher expectations for myself! I’m getting back to photoshoots and more ways to showcase my personal styling, doing some traveling and even planning my next show [YASS] just to name a few! There’s even a special project that I’ve been working on and a part of for over a year now, praying that comes to pass in 2019 as well! Some simpler and more personal goals I’ve made for myself include better consistency, networking more and getting my skin clear because listen! If adulting doesn’t hit you anywhere else, it hits your pockets and your face 😩. What are some goals you guys have set for yourself for 2019?! Drop them in the comments and let’s make this an interactive thing!

Wishing you guys all the blessings that 2019 can offer! As some of you may know, I start every new year on a 21 day fast with my church. I’m specifically using these days to pray and mediate hard on all that I’m expecting in this new year! Thank you guys again so much for all of your love and support! If it ever decides to be winter here in Texas, a continuous winter slay will be on the way!

Outfit: Sweater – Forever21 | Skirt – Zara | Booties – CapeRobbin | Rose Gold Watch – Fossil | Rose Gold Earrings – Tory Burch

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