6 years already?! Sheesh! Where does the time go! Not too much that I can say that I haven’t already said about this blog baby of mine. I took a lot of unplanned time away from my blog in 2021, so now in 2022 I plan to regroup fully. I’ve missed the feeling that being more present on this platform gives me. Granted I’ve been super busy with business and just life in general, but it’s something about getting back to where it all started, ya know?! It’s hard to balance sometimes, but I always find it to be worth it in the end. I’ll never grow tired of thanking you guys for being such loyal readers over the years. Some of you have been around since I published my very first post, and that means the world to me. Seeing where I started, to where I am now, I can only thank God. Year 6 I’m keeping it pretty low-key and focusing on the gratitude I feel with this blog. But year 7?! Oh we’re celebrating BIG! [if God says the same lol]. Happy 6th Blogiversary, Birthday, Anniversary, alllll dat Seven Days In Style!!

Now y’all know the look is always a key part of the Blogiversary celebration! Fun fact though, the only thing that’s new within this look is the leather blazer! The leather pants, booties and purse are all items I’ve had for years and just so happened to be a coordinating shade of brown. And let me tell you how LIT I was once I realized it. I’ve been into suit combos lately, you know more of like a grown and sexy vibe since I’m about to be 30 and what not, so I was super excited to see this look come together. This shade of brown, the fact that it’s all leather, the monochromatic vibe, just all of it’s cohesiveness really made me a happy stylist. Transitioning this color palette from fall into the winter has been my favorite so far.

I plan to really up my suit game this season, hoping to find some good ones during Zara’s sale [IYKYK]. I’ve just come to the realization that suits are staples that I do want in my wardrobe. They’re so chic and classy, easy to style casually or dress up for an occasion. They’re really a versatile staple that I believe you need at least 1-2 of.

I’m feeling so empowered and optimistic about what’s to come this year. God has been so faithful to me over these pandemic years, and I refuse to let them discourage me from the things I’m believing for myself as well as the things I know God has for me. I haven’t even scratched the surface of my full potential, and I say that in the most humble way possible. But I believe God for so much more and I know that is the key to receiving just that. I encourage you to do the following: begin talking to yourself more positively and in an encouraging tone, start to speak about things you desire as if they’re already here and happening, exercise more of your crazy faith and truly surrender the cares of your heart to God because if it’s His will, they WILL come to pass. This is coming from a person who could be so pessimistic, negative, doubtful, you name it. But I’ve found these things to be so helpful and transformative in my life, so I just want to encourage you with them as well.

Hoping everyone has a relaxing and safe weekend, emphasis on the SAFE because lawd this variant is coming for everyone it missed the first go around. And who does not have time is me! Don’t forget to check out The Boutique’s 50% off Blogiversary Sale , and no this suit isn’t on there LOL sorry if I disappointed. Happy New Year & be blessed y’all, until next time.

Leather Blazer – Shein | Leather Pants – H&M | Booties – Steve Madden | Mini Purse – Forever21

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