Have you ever had an instance that was the worst timing, however it became the perfect timing for it to happen as well? I hope that made sense. But that’s what the trip to Jamaica was for me. Although it was based around celebrating my brother’s destination wedding, it became a much needed getaway for me based on all that has been going on in my life. If you don’t already know, I wanted to share that I lost my grandfather unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Thus, sending my life, and “plans”, into a complete daze. My grandfather was so much to so many people, and absolutely everything to us. I can’t even put into words how heartbroken I am and have been for weeks. My papa would’ve been 74 Friday, he still worked full time for his own construction company. He could do and fix just about anything. So if only you can imagine how his untimely death has affected so many. In fact, I wanted to share some links below for you guys to read, to give you just a little insight as to who he was and what he meant to so many…

Corsicana Daily Sun | Kerens Police Dept. | Family

He was a person I honestly expected to be here at 90+ years old, still being stubborn trying to do things on his own, walking with me and my dad down the aisle on my wedding day, loving on my own children…it’s devastating to think about. What’s even more devastating that I haven’t really shared is that my grandmother’s sister unexpectedly died the day before his funeral. My family has been going THROUGH. This time has not only shown me how short life is, but just how I need to cling tighter to those I love. And that’s why this trip to Jamaica was everything I needed it to be. I was able to reset and unplug, to take my mind off of the loss and devastation, and attempt to enjoy my surroundings. Which I’m so thankful to God that I did. And I know my papa would’ve wanted me to. He’d always ask me where I was headed next! I’m gonna miss him more than anything, but I know in my heart that he’s resting and at peace.

Is it just me or do you guys love airport travel wear? I love a comfy slay when headed to my next destination. And this strapless jogger jumpsuit was the perfect pick! I had already known that I wanted something grey, for whatever reason. And it was perfect to pair with my checkered slip on vans, which my man got me for Christmas but I wanted to save them for spring. They were the perfect pair of comfy sneakers for travel. And YES I stepped outside of the box (ha, get it) and tried something new with my hair! The idea started as me simply wanting something new for my birthday. My friends voted between box braids and platinum blonde… well you see which one won…plus with this trip being the week before my birthday, I knew this style would be super convenient for both!

Overall, I kept it pretty simple as far as my looks on this trip. I wanted to pack very light, and I didn’t want anything too flashy or dressy since I knew I wouldn’t be putting on makeup or anything extra. In fact, the only time I even wore makeup was for the wedding. And speaking of the wedding, I got the deal of the century y’all. I only paid $2.49 for my dress! To make a long story short, I had to find a specific color to coordinate with my brothers’ suits (us pictured above) and the only place I was finding it was at overpriced David’s Bridal. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pics in the dress, but it was a Gianni Bini that I found it at the Dillard’s clearance center in Irving! I suggest heading there for great deals this spring! I even got my Gianni Bini swimsuits there as well.

This little ensemble was my favorite on the trip. When I tell you I have been on the HUNT for white open knit pants like these almost every summer, I would always wait too late to buy them and they’d be sold out everywhere. And this little knit white top I’be actually had for a few years, it just so happened to coordinate perfectly.

Last but not least, our family adventure to Dunn’s River Falls. Believe it or not, I walked into this blindly. No idea where we were going or what it was, until I was in it. And if you know me, I can’t swim so I don’t do anything that involves water. nothing. But it was truly amazing, the water was cold but refreshing. And it’s one more thing that I can say I actually traveled and conquered. It actually turned out to be almost like a trust building exercise, and it was great bonding time with my family. Like I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Check it out if you’re planning on traveling to Ocho Rios, it was a great experience!

This was just a brief glimpse into my first trip to Jamaica, as I stated previously a lot of it consisted of me just relaxing and resetting…not too much more detail to share there. But I needed this time. I just celebrated my 27th birthday on the 14th [birthday blog later]. Although I wasn’t excited for my birthday for the first time in my life, my plans changed, [hence me postponing my fashion show due to my family crisis] I am very thankful to God for blessing me to see another year. In all of my despair, I am blessed to still be able to say that God is good! Although my life is forever changed, I yet trust God and His plans for me!

this blog is dedicated to my papa, Ross L Washington ❤️ may he Rest In Peace

Outfits: Grey Jogger Jumpsuit – Forever21 | Sneakers – Yellow Checkered Slip Ons & White Old Skool Vans | White Knit Tank – Urban Outfitters | White Open Knit Pants – Forever 21 | Mesh Nude Kimono – Forever21 | White Tee – Zara | Green Tights – Forever21

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