Well, January is finally winding down. We all know this first month of the year always tends to drag. I’m just here to check in, though. How has your 2020 been so far? I hope much better than you expected. As for myself, I don’t have any major complaints. My church just ended our yearly fast with a focus on “finding your why” and seeking your purpose, which was much needed.  I got a lot of encouragement and reassurance to continue along this path that God is mapping out for me.As we all know the worst tragedy you could imagine took place yesterday, though. God. I can’t really talk [or type] about it much because it makes me far too emotional. I am not a huge sports fan, I know a little something something though. But basketball is my preference if I had to choose, and Kobe was always my favorite player. He and Dirk Nowitski [before Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry even entered the league], so if you didn’t know now you do. Nonetheless, I am heartbroken. Didn’t expect 2020 to give us a tragedy of this magnitude and we’re only in the first month. But God knows what we don’t, and we always have to trust in that even when it’s hard. Let’s shift the mood though, and talk looks and their accessories that bring them together.

As for this look, I kept it simple to allow the shoes and clutch combo to be the statement. The simplest blouse and leather pants, fitted top and fitted skirt duo, or in this case sweater and jeans combo can be brought to life based on it’s accessories and shoes alone. I’m excited because that is exactly what these two accessories did. I love keeping the base of the look simple, and adding statement pieces to pop. It’s no secret that I love the snakeskin trend, but this was my first time dabbling in the colored snakeskin print pond. The two surely did not disappoint! They added just what this simple looked needed.

Steve Madden unexpectedly reached out to me and asked could they send me product in exchange for photos, of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes!! I guess this is a bit of a huge deal since this is the first time I’ve been given product to post from one of my favorite brands! And I’m so very grateful! I decided to bring out the plum/eggplant color within the snakeskin print, which was my reason for choosing this mock neck sweater. And the light wash jeans just complemented the duo, making this an easy look to duplicate as well. If you notice, I don’t wear pumps often…in fact I only have a few pair. But these were the perfect addition to my closet! I can’t wait to style these pumps and clutch in the spring as well!

We all love a great look, but in light of yesterday’s tragedy, it forced me into a serious mode of self-reflection. Life is short, SHORT. And tragedy can strike any family at any time. The 1 year anniversary of my grandfather’s death is approaching, and that alone is a constant reminder that time waits for no one. Life is fragile, and your entire life can change in an instant, whether you’re ready or not. I’m praying for Kobe’s other children, the other victim’s families, but my prayers specifically for Vanessa Bryant have been endless. I could never imagine in a million years, and I pray that I never have to feel a pain like that because I don’t think I’d make it. I encourage all of my readers and fellow fashionistas to form a relationship with Christ, if you haven’t already. Get to know God for who He is, and not just what He can give you. When your own time comes, you’re gonna need it more than you think. Be safe and be blessed this week loves, hold your family and friends a little tighter. Pray a little longer. Live a little better. See y’all in February!

Outfit: Sweater & Jeans – H&M | Shoes – Steve Madden Vala | Clutch – Steve Madden

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