What’s new, loves? I haven’t chatted with you guys since my anniversary post, so it’s been a little minute. Overall, I’m hoping 2021 is treating you well. I don’t know about y’all, but I have proclaimed 2021 to be an amazing year for me, the best one yet if God says the same. A lot has changed in just a month, but I am very content with the path that I feel God has me on. Changing seasons always put me in great spirits with a positive outlook on what’s to come. Winter is winding down and spring is officially on it’s way. It’s safe to say my favorite season is coming to it’s end, but the Spring is definitely my runner up. So this was my last chance to share this look that I’ve been holding on to for some time, per usual. If there are two things that I love within fashion [aside from good denim], it’s a monochromatic look and leather anything. Especially in the fall/winter season. These are two of my favorite leather pieces in my wardrobe that I decided to pair together, and the outcome of this look that originated in my head surpassed my expectations. So let’s get into it!

Who bought this leather shirt forever ago and their first time wearing it was in these photos? Guilty. It was still warm when I bought it, so you know that means I got a good deal. I loved it’s texture and details, it was the front pockets and belted waist for me. This is actually the first leather black shirt I have ever owned, now that I think about it. I chose to pair this ensemble with camel colored heels as a stylish contrast to the all black.

I paired my coordinating dumpling bag to complement the shoes as a finishing touch. It’s the simplest of things that can really do a look justice. For a look like this, not much was needed as the shirt and pants combo made a statement of it’s own. Black leather is bold, yet classic.. .both trendy and timeless. This look could live in my closet for years and never really go out of style. Those are my favorite looks to wear and items to purchase, forever wardrobe staples and essentials that simply complement your wardrobe.

I’ll have to admit, all black is my favorite attire, especially for date night. It’s always classy, it’s the easiest to style and it’s the perfect go-to for last minute occasions or events. You’ll always have something in black in your closet that you can wear for any occasion, it just never fails. It’s like that one old reliable friend that you know you can always count on to come through LOL. It just works. And leather works with it hand in hand. I love this look for a date night, business meeting, or special event. It’s also a transitional look that can go from daywear [worn with sneakers] to nightwear [worn with heels].

Aside from this look for just a quick second, let’s talk hair. Since my birthday is approaching, I am prepping for my annual “birthday hair”. Last year I dyed it this color, that’s basically ombre now lol. My hair has grown out so much so I’m ready for something new for sure. I’ve contemplating cutting it, but I think I’m too scared and might freak out after LOL. Yes I am that person that hates even getting my ends trimmed, so a whole chop might take me out! Stay tuned though, my stylist and I will come up with something cute for sure.

Did I already mention these front pockets? The perfect addition to this shirt and it’s belted waist. It’s always the simplest of details that attract me to items, and the right details are what always confirms the purchase for me. The snap buttons make this leather shirt an easy layering piece as well. It can be left open, worn with a graphic tee, jeans and platform sneakers for a completely different casual look. That’s another thing I love about leather, it’s versatility. Listen y’all, go stock up on some key leather pieces while they’re on sale now during this transition into spring.

It’s always a pleasure talking style with you, loves. Hmm let’s see, the next time we chat will most likely be my birthday blog, which is less than 3 weeks away. I’m officially entering the last year of my 20’s y’all, whet is life. Be prepared for me to probably say that 3-5 times within the next blog as well because it’s just so hard to believe. Time truly passes so fast, sometimes I don’t realize my age until I just sit and think about it. Anyway, we will get into all of that and more later. Until then, have a blessed, safe and stylish weekend! xoxo

Outfit: Leather Top – H&M | Leather Pants – Zara | Shoes – Steve Madden Uplift | Purse – Amazon


  1. loving everything about this outfit and this post! cant wait to see your birthday outfit 🙂

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