Happy November y’all! Where is the remainder of this year going?! We’ve blinked and October has come and gone, and Thanksgiving is in like 2 weeks, waaaah! First things first, I’m referring to this month as #NewHairNovember. I’m loving my new fall hair color thanks to Raven – check her out! It was just what I needed for a fresh start this month! There are so many things that I’m looking forward to this month, just to name a few: baby births in the family, entirely too many birthdays, showering my new niece to be, and a couple of major events honoring my dear papa’s life and legacy! oh yes, and I’m moving to a new place in a new city! Don’t even get me started on how I haven’t packed a single box though, just pray for me y’all. But God is moving in my life this month no doubt, I feel a shift [*cues See The Light – Travis Greene*] and I’m expecting great things! Let’s get into this LEWK though, I know that’s what y’all came for..

This fall is definitely one for bold prints, which I don’t always gravitate towards. And let me just say, I’m such a person who buys things at completely different times, in different seasons, and loves to see them put together when they weren’t intentionally bought to be paired together..does that make sense? Well that’s what happened in this case. I bought these leather pants as soon as I began to spot leather bottoms hitting stores. As I mentioned in my first fall post, I was in desperate need of restocking my leather pants collection. This color, and their $25 price, captivated me! An instant must-have.

This printed top coincidentally worked for these leather bottoms. I actually spotted this top long before I bought these pants, but didn’t instantly buy it [per usual]. Long story short, I had to track my size down after visiting about 3 different stores. I loved it’s detail: slight balloon sleeve, gold wrist buttons and it’s high neck. Such a chic fall top with a vibrant print, all while in the perfect fall color palette.

As for these cuties, they’re actually my first fall pair of booties that I’ve purchased. From their pointed toe, to this slight slit on the back of the ankle…here for them! I’m such a fan of cognac brown shoes and bags, it’s a color that literally makes anything look trendy. I’ve linked them here, they come in other colors/textures and are such a wardrobe staple for fall – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/dtyr4vcfief . It too was a coincidence that they matched perfectly with this top and leather bottoms. I originally bought them for a denim Look, of course. See that look below!

and yes the fall graphic tees are still going strong!

just a little hip action, and a different angle of these chic fall booties! I’m obsessed! Their pointed toe, color, blocked heel making them super comfy. And most importantly, I love what they added to this look. Y’all know I love monochromatic vibes, especially with fall looks. It’s all in the details!

Let me go ahead and leave y’all on a sappy note. As this week winds down, not only am I grateful for this fall look, but I’m grateful for provision and purpose. You ever just sit back and think on things in your life and recognize God’s hand in it all? It’s the most amazing feeling ever. Reassurance and confirmation on things you prayed and asked for, how can you not be grateful? Keep me in prayer this month though y’all, I’m embarking on a lot of changes in my life and routine. No worries, I’ll still be stylish through it all. Let me know in the comments what y’all love about this look! And I have plenty more to share before this fall season comes to an end, so stay with me! Oh yes and daylight savings is winning and I am losing LOL. But anyway, I hope you guys have had a blessed week! My week is ending much better than it started, thank God. Have a safe and stylish weekend everyone!

Outfit: Top and Pants – H&M | Booties – Steve Madden Trista

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