Ahhh, good ol’ February already. I like the “Month of Love” theme that is going along with it too, unless that’s always been a thing and I just never knew about it. Anyway, February is a pretty good month if you ask me… it’s tax refund season [yes I’m that person and I worked hard so I look forward to my money lol], Valentine’s Day marks the official one month countdown until my birthday, AND it’s pretty lit if you actually have V-day plans with a valentine for once, which I just so happen to this year 😍. So as you can see, I’m looking forward to quite a few things in this new month. At the same time I’m prayingggg that it flies by, because I need a vacation and my birthday trip just so happens to be my next one. In reference to the actual Month of Love, I’m sure this is the part where I’m supposed to dish details on my love life. But I’d rather just sit back and continue to watch God work. I’ll just leave it at I am extremely blessed and grateful, God is sovereign [meaning He pays attention to detail] and He knows exactly what and who you need at what time. And with that being said, I am absolutely looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year. As well as every other day after it!



As for outfit deets, I decided to come into February with a bit of color…can you tell? The month of Love, or February, screams the color red to me. So I had to style the red booties in a slightly different way. I love this tee simply for what it says – INFLUENCER, which I am slowly but surely becoming in this fashion world. Might I add that it was only $5?! This tee happened to be another pick up while on my mini getaway to Austin too. My fav store was having their annual winter sale and I am proud to say that the day I purchased this shirt is the only time that I have gone throughout the entire sale. I’m cringing at the thought of what gems I’ve probably missed out on for a good price, but priorities people! And let me for once admit that if I never bought another article of clothing, I think that I would technically be okay based on the looks of my closet currently.

How ironic that I chose to style these boots with two of my fashion favs, denim and white, of course. I went the comfy chic route, pairing joggers with the tee and adding a denim jacket for a final touch. I found that this color combo played so well off of this yellow brick wall, which I found next to an abandoned tire shop literally up the street from my apartment. Might I also mention that on this day…while taking these photos…I broke my camera! 🙄 Talk about livid. Nonetheless, my little baby iPhone 8 had to save the day.  [Truthfully, i’d have rather broken my camera any day over breaking my phone].


And I mean how cute and different is this red fur clutch??! The fur and leather is the perfect contrast and color! Definitely a new favorite statement accessory!

These joggers are actually men’s, I just shrank them like 3 times to get them to this fit. And they’re perfect! Besides, y’all know I’m always doing something extra when it comes to a look I need to execute.

Hope you guys have plenty that you’re looking forward to this month as well! Wishing you the best Month of Love! Happy Wednesday!


Outfit: Shirt – Zara | Jacket & Pants – H&M | Fur Clutch – Forever21 | Booties – Steve Madden Editor


  1. Absolutely love this look! The color’s contrast so well in every aspect.

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