Hey y’all! I don’t intend to start every blog post with a list of excuses and complaints, but if only y’all truly knew the struggle [some of y’all def do]. Bear with me though, fall will be way more consistent than summer ever was! I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments and become accustomed to different changes. Let’s just say it’s affecting more areas than one in my life, but I shall bounce back!!! I appreciate yall’s consistency most! Now let’s get into this look…

Summer ain’t over just yet! I still have time to incorporate a little summer color into your week! Mainly because I had such a chill summer I literally had nowhere to even wear this look to LOL if I’m being honest.  Therefore, it got pushed to the end of the summer. Let’s just pray these bold colors are still trending next summer. I actually plan to find a cute way to style this dress for the fall too though!

Now I usually don’t mention where I got the look itself from until the end of the post, but this look gives me a chance to talk about one of my favorite stores that brings me so much joy lol. I sound like I have an extreme problem, but when it comes to Target I actually do. I used to go to Target almost everyday after work, I’ve definitely slowed down here lately though. But it’s just something about browsing around Target that brings me such peace. Typically I’m really drawn to their stationary and home decor. Now that I’ve grown to love their fashion, that’s a whole new experience lol. Now don’t get me wrong, Target is a little too pricey for me sometimes especially with their clothing and what I’ll allow myself to pay for something I’ll probably only wear once or twice. But I genuinely enjoy their collaborations with designers etc.

This dress happened to be a part of their Who What Wear collaboration, which the whole collection was super cute and stylish! It was right up my alley, and I enjoyed the contrasting colors I chose in this look!

I’m naturally drawn to anything with stripes, I think I get that from my mom now that I think about it. I actually spotted this dress during one of my random runs to Target and fell in love. I instantly knew I wanted to style it with a pop of color flat sandal. It was perfect that I found this shoe while I was there as well.

This summer bold colors trend became a favorite of mine. I appreciated it so much, especially when it was incorporated in looks that were 80s/90s inspired. I actually wish that I had participated in it a little more than I did, but hey. I’ll just appreciate this look for now. Shop this dress here and these sandals here if you haven’t already!

Praying y’all had an amazing start to your week! Y’all know I don’t like Mondays lol, but something positive did occur that I’m praying comes through for me! And I ask that y’all be praying with me through it! Anyone else ready of this summer to go ahead and wrap up?! I know for a FACT I am. Bring on the fall fashionnnnn. Wishing y’all a blessed week though, Happy Monday!

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