One of my favorite Sunday activities after church is to go to brunch! I’m sure at least half of you can agree that a true Sunday Funday isn’t complete without a good brunch. And now that it’s officially summer, it’s moved to the very top of my list. I like attempting to try new places, however often I end up at the same ones if they meet my expectations. In fact the place I tried this Sunday, well yesterday, definitely met those expectations and will be added to my list for sure.  I had passed it a couple of months ago. It’s scenery captured my attention, which that’s usually what attracts me to restaurants initially. It’s usually after the fact when I realize the décor and scenery was misleading because the food sucks LOL. But that’s an area of life I am still growing in haha. Anyway! A few friends and I decided to enjoy our Sunday at The Henry in Uptown. It’s a newer are that has been built up and I absolutely love it! Check it out below!

I instantly fell in love with this area. Aside from it’s stunning scenery, multiple restaurants and apartments are within the vicinity as well. It’s the perfect area to relax, eat some good food and have a couple of great drinks to go with it. The area was definitely my kind of vibe, and I will be returning very soon! It’s also a great area for a blogger like me to get some good photos. Before we get into this brunch look though, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite brunch spots here in Dallas that I definitely will be brunchin’ at this summer:

  1. Hattie’s – Bishop Arts District
  2. Bread Winners – Multiple Locations
  3. Snooze an AM Eatery – Multiple Locations
  4. Street’s Fine Chicken – Two Locations
  5. Ivy Kitchen – Addison

Now when it comes to what to wear to brunch, honestly the majority of the current summer trends are perfect for just that! Whether it’s a stylish matching set, or simple high-waist jeans and a one shoulder top, it’s not hard at all to pull together brunch attire. For this Sunday funday, I chose to go the linen button dress route! I’ve had this dress for a couple of months now, but I was saving it for the right summer brunch outing. I feel like it fit the occasion perfectly! Both it’s color and linen style are summer go-tos! And I promise I ironed this dress before leaving the house, we all know how linen does. I kept it simple styling it with sandals that coordinated with the dark buttons. This dress is easily suitable for summer heels as well! It’s a thin, lightweight option for this warm Texas weather, with convenient adjustable straps! When I think of summer dresses, this one fits that criteria. These affordable linen dresses are literally in every store.

Not to mention my vacation hair completed the look just the way I had hoped! This is my second round of box braids, so I’m hoping this round is much better than the first! My goal is for them to last me the entire month of July, but with the way my hair grows then we shall see. Nevertheless, they came just in time for my first summer vacay this year. All of my natural hair girls know the struggle with heat and humidity, so protective styles during the summer are perfect.

For those of you in the Dallas area, I hope you found my lost helpful. If you have any additional suggestions for brunch this summer, please do share! I love brunch so I’m always open to a new spot! I’ll be trying a couple of places as well while on baecation, I’ll definitely share those if they’re worth mentioning. Speaking of baecation, that’s the next post that you’ll be reading from me. I’m excited to share details of my trip, along with some cute photos of my favorite summer looks with you guys. I’m praying that everyone has a very safe and fun Fourth of July holiday. This is super Texan of me, but as long as I have some watermelon and while on my trip I’ll be a very pleased gal! Happy Monday y’all!

Outfit: Dress – Forever 21 | Sandals – Madewell | Earrings – Tory Burch

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