Are yall cute restaurant people or is it just me? If you know me, you know it’s deffffffinitely my thing. Last week I discovered this super cute restaurant, also in Legacy West, and knew that it would become one of my favorites! It also gave me a good reason to show how I styled my new faux leather leggings. If you don’t know, I have been on the hunt for a new pair for the season, and the season is almost gone. My last pair lasted for about 4 years before they started peeling, and I hadn’t came across a pair I liked as much since. Until these!

And what I like the most about them is their contrasting suede stripe down the side, which made them so unique. I still wouldn’t mind having a full faux leather pair as well, but I couldn’t leave these cuties behind. Especially since they were only $10 at my favorite store! No surprise there, though.

An even better addition to this look was this black floral top that I only paid $5 for! Floral in both the fall and winter have been a thriving trend, and this happens to be only maybe the 3rd floral shirt I own? Truth be told I’m not a huge floral person. But I thought this black based floral top would be perfect paired with leather bottoms. And my leather mules, of course! They just…work.

Yep, in total this top and leggings only cost me $15! And by looking at it how much would you automatically assume it cost?! If you’re a patient shopper, have a vision and know what you’re looking for, it’s very possible to find a great look for a great deal! After all, it’s worth it once you see it all come together just like you imagined! Surprisingly I hadn’t really hit the winter sales at my favorite stores this season, so I’m proud of myself. But while shopping for my recent photo shoot, these caught my eye. And I’m glad they did!

This super cute setting complemented this look perfectly for me! It’s aesthetic and lighting was to die for, and it’s food is pretty good as well! Hope you guys are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. And when I tell you I have far too much going on! Pray for me, y’all. I’ll get back to ya once I’ve survived it all. Everyone a blessed remainder of your week and weekend! Xoxo

Outfit: Top – H&M | Leggings – Zara | Mules – Aldo | Watch – Fossil | Scenery – Earl’s Kitchen & Bar

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