Hey, loves! I know it’s been a little minute since y’all have heard from ya girl. No worries, I’m staying healthy and sane in these crazy times we’re living in. We’ve officially made it to THE LAST month of this whirlwind of a year, which is so hard to believe. And I’m ending the year with a bang as it pertains to looks that I’ve yet to be able to wear. If you’ve been keeping up with my fall looks and favorite trends, you’ve probably heard me mention the word shacket quite a bit. For those that aren’t aware of what a shacket is, it’s just the words shirt + jacket combined. Just a simple term the fashion world has created for these thicker style button-front shirts that can be compared to a jacket, and they have taken OVER the fall fashion scene. I admit, I am a little bit obsessed. Especially with this one in particular. She [THE shacket] and I had a bit of a rough start I’ll say LOL, just go on this little imaginary trip with me… .Once I made up my mind that I wanted her, despite her price tag, she was kind of hard to get my hands on initially. She was sold out of stores and online for awhile, all the while I was seeing her on my explore page on almost every blogger’s posts. However, I’m a strong believer in what’s for me will always be for me, even as it pertains to clothing and other items that I desire to purchase. After signing up to be notified when she was back in stock, and missing her yet again, I finally got my hands on her. And isn’t she lovely? Let’s get into her shall we…

Her details are just, goodness. Moment of silence for her… .. …and we’re back LOL. Okay yeah I’m being a little extra, but this shacket is probably my favorite purchase for my fall/winter wardrobe if you can’t tell. I’ve been obsessed with neutrals all season, and I’m just envisioning the versatility with this shacket. She comes with a removable belt as well, so she can be worn various ways. She also can be dressed up with heels, thigh or knee high boots, or worn more casually with booties or classic Dr Marten’s, which I think are next on my list for winter wardrobe purchases. I think pairing any good wardrobe staple boot with this shacket will be an overall win.

Finally, accessorize her with a good fall bag, if you so choose. Another love I’ve found within my fall wardrobe is mixing tones and textures. If you look above, I’ve put my twill shacket with suede boots and my leather dumpling bag. Mix it up ladies and gents, it doesn’t hurt at all!

I’m so excited to have this shacket as apart of my wardrobe. She will be flexed in all season long, because she deserves. And she wasn’t cheap haha. She can be purchased here , and she comes in multiple colors so take your pick! I definitely think this shacket is more than worth the purchase, and can easily become a wardrobe essential for these chilly days to come. Texas has finally decided that it’s almost winter, so she will be getting plenty of wear. Looking forward to sharing more gems with you guys before the years up! Hoping you guys are staying safe and well these days, praying God’s very best over you all. Until next time my loves…

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Outfit: Shacket – Zara | Boots – ShuDeal [old] | Turtleneck – H&M | Dumpling Bag – Amazon

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