So I know you guys have been seeing fanny packs literally everywhere and styled with every look possible! I decided to style mine with this t-shirt dress. I chose black for my first purchase for this trend for obvious reasons, but I most definitely plan to add a few colored fanny packs to my collection this summer. I love how this one is a textured leather, it’s actually quilted. And very similar to the popular Gucci one. I actually got a pretty good deal on it as well. I had a birthday coupon from the store where I purchased it, which I happened to use on both the fanny pack and these sandals. Two perfect additions to my closet for the summer. Once upon a time I had a pair of sandals similar to these that I bought years ago at Old Navy. However, they broke (of course) and I had never come across another similar pair until I found these! They’re the jelly sandals so they’re very comfortable and easy to style.
This look is perfect for a casual Friday or Saturday, whether you’re out window shopping or meeting for a lunch date. It’s super comfy, yet stylish and definitely “IG worthy” in terms of a photo. And since I am all about the details, I like how from behind this fanny pack simply resembles nothing more than an added belt to this dress. It’s the little thingssss! Speaking of this dress, I actually scooped this oatmeal colored gem for only $25! Her small split at the front makes the detail lover within me very happy!
Did I mention how it can conveniently be turned into a shoulder purse? BONUS POINTS. This fanny pack came with a detachable shoulder strap & detachable hassle as an additional accessory. Such a creative touch and made this even more worth the buy! Who knew a purse could now be a part of the daywear into nightwear transition. Stay tuned because I plan on having a lot of fun with this new addition to my wardrobe, and I will most definitely be sharing various ways in which I choose to style it, both here and on Instagram!
Happy Friday Loves!
Outfit: Dress – Zara | Fanny Pack & Sandals – Aldo Shoes | Rings – H&M

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