One of my favorite trends that trickled into this fall just so happened to be the military-inspired, utility trend. From the cinched, belted waists, to the neutral color palette down to the cargo pants and high waist culottes, it was a winner in my book. So much so that I bought this jumpsuit well before the trend set in, and saved it for the fall season, by popular vote via my IG story. I even learned this season that these jumpsuits are also being referred to as the throwback boiler suits, which I found interesting. This trend brings forth a simple, yet statement aesthetic that is edgy yet so chic. And the easiest way to dive into this trend is with a simple jumpsuit in an earthy tone [browns, khakis, olive]. Let’s get into it.. .

Let’s first start by acknowledging the comfortability and chic mixture that is this look. A different type of streetwear. The elastic belted waist creates structure and shape. What I like about it most is that although I am petite, it did not down me in fabric. It’s easy to transition from daywear to nightwear with a simple shoe change.

I love it’s multi-pockets, and pairing it with this olive colored belt bag for slight added detail to the military vibe.

I chose to style it with my new favorite fall booties, however this jumpsuit is the definition of versatile. Aside from booties or even doc martens, styling with pointed toe flat mules or even all white sneakers would’ve been a hit as well. Either of the 3 can create an effortlessly stylish look for multiple occasions.

And I cant forget the price I paid for it….drum roll please…$20!! For additional wear out of this jumpsuit, easily transition it into the spring season! The light material and khaki color work perfectly in the spring as well. Lace up sandals or mules will give it a soft refresh for the new season. In fact, I think that I will do that myself this upcoming spring. Wait, remember my khaki utility style dress that I wore in my 27th birthday post? I just thought about it but first sign of the utility trend slowly setting in during the spring season.

I have also found that the utility dresses are super stylish as well for the fall, and perfect to pair with calf or knee high boots and a mini bag this season. I have linked some of my favorites here , in addition to similar jumpsuits since this one isn’t sold online anymore. Where this trend derived from in comparison to how it has evolved into a trend is so interesting to see. And I love that fashion has the ability of doing just that, taking simple pieces that you wouldn’t visualize a certain way and creating such stylish potential out of them. Adding simple belt bags and/or backup purses to complete such a comfy look, I am here for it. On an even better note, we’re halfway through the week my stylish guys and gals. I hope this look has inspired you in more ways than one. And yes men, this trend applies to you as well! I know I gave the ladies multiple tips on how to style it, but it’s a very versatile trend for men as well. With that being said, have a good remainder of the week everyone!


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