Hey loves! I know it’s been a while, over a month to be exact…but whose counting. But I’m back! Just needed some time. And with the way life is currently set up, I’m sure we all understand. I’m hoping everyone is holding up well during all of this. It’s funny that the last time I was here, I was days away from celebrating my birthday. The good news is my birthday trip didn’t get canceled and I still got to enjoy it, with a few minor changes to the itinerary. The bad news is, life hasn’t quite been the same literally since I landed back in Texas. Isolation kicked into full gear, in fact I’ve taken this pandemic very seriously and have been keeping myself in the house. Aside from essential store runs, and this random shoot of course. So let’s catch up! AND briefly talk about a returning trend this season that I’m enjoying, tie dye! Never thought I’d see the day. I purchased this shirt dress for my birthday trip, I’d link it below for y’all to buy but it’s sold out 🥴. Never fail, I’ve linked some of my other favs here. Are y’all feeling the tie dye reboot? What season is it even? All of my days, now months, are running together.

I actually don’t even know where to start. So much has happened during this pandemic season, both good and not so good. But I’m happy to say that despite it all, I’m truly in a great place. I even started therapy [seriously, don’t be too proud yall]. And my therapist told me I’m one of the most self-aware patients she’s ever had. She gave me confirmation that my overall mindset in addition to the way I’m handling the things I’ve gone through, and that I’m going through, is very healthy. Little does she know how much I needed to hear that, just the push I needed to keep going. The last year has been a blessing to say the least, but still tough in so many ways. So it’s good to know that I’ve found a healthy way to process things and move forward. I’d encourage anyone who’s having some dark days, having trouble finding the light during this time, or even if you just feel off, to talk to someone. And if I can help in any way I’m more than glad to! 

Am I the only one sick of reading things on social  media telling you what you should be doing during this time? Over it isn’t even the word. I’ve done a good job blocking those things out, what works for some may not work for all. And nobody should be made to feel pressed to do anything or guilty for not doing anything at all. A few things this time has taught me is that 1 – life is short. very short. And God’s timing isn’t necessarily your timing. I never expected to have to attend my granny’s funeral during such an insane time, to not even be able to say goodbye to her. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as that is still a process in itself. 2 – take things one day at a time. I’ve perfected this! when I feel like creating, I do just that. When I’m having a day, and I just wanna stay in bed, I do that too. I encourage you to do the same, allow yourself to feel what you feel when you feel it. 3 – God is realer than real. And He’s with you, just like He’s been with me through the worst of the worst. He’s still been providing, guiding and loving. Not a thing about His character has changed during this time. 

So what do I mean by what season is it anyway? it’s beyond whether or not we’re still in spring or officially in summer, which I’m really sad about because spring is one of my favorite seasons and I haven’t been able to really enjoy it. But what is this time truly teaching you? What is it that God wants you to see, do or learn while you’re in isolation? What type of person are you gonna come out of this season as? What adjustments to your character, and habits will you have broken? At least that has been my sole focus since all of this started and I just wanted to encourage someone. Do what works for you! Take all of the time you need. I realized this time could be really detrimental to some mentally, and it’s okay not to be okay some days. Your overall growth as result is what matters, not how many things you accomplished or not. It took me the entire month of April to rest, pray, even read, which I don’t do often at all. But during this time I discovered just how many powerful books I’ve accumulated over the years and had right here in my possession. I even purchased some new ones. It took some long nights, and even longer prayers for me to decide to get back to doing what I love officially. And to develop and brainstorm some new ideas. And that’s okay. And even being back at it, I’m still gonna take my time and do things at my pace, following the path God is lighting for me. I’m in no rush, and I’m doing my best to not allow any pressure to sink in! [social media breaks help with that] I’ve been careful to not stress myself out about what I’m not doing, knowing that’s what’s for me will always be for me. Sevendaysinstyle isn’t going anywhere! 

I just want to thank everyone for their endless support, as always. Whether you’ve prayed, encouraged me or sent well wishes, the daily/weekly check-ins, endless FaceTimes, even thoughtful gifts, it’s all been SO appreciated it. It’s been a world wind, but God has placed some amazing people along the journey with me. And I know that greater is coming on the other side of all of this! Stay encouraged, even find people to encourage during this time. You never know just how much it can change someone’s day! Stay safe, trust God and we’ll chat soon!

Outfit: Shirt Dress – Missguided | Shoes – ALDO | Purse was a special birthday gift!

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