Now it’s only right for me to start this blog by mentioning just how affordable this look was. And as I’ve said it before, and will say it a hundred more times, I love a good deal. And I will never stop bargain shopping no matter how much money I begin making later in life. I do believe in occasional splurging on quality items that are timeless, such as purses or coats…maybe a pair of shoes. But as far as fast fashion goes, that’s exactly what it is and exactly how it will remain. I have no shame in wearing a $5 shirt with a $7 pair of jeans, all that matters is that it looks good. And if we’re being completely honest, I have entirely too many clothes to spend major coins every time I shop. I barely repeat some of the clothes that I have, and being a blogger, it’s important to keep your closet updated with the latest styles and trends. Therefore that requires me to shop a little more often….which leads me back to how bargain shopping is the best option, for me. SO, the total cost of this look was *drum rolls*: $47! [before tax]

SN: I know that it is very evident that I shop at the same particular stores. Not sure if any of you are expecting a slight switch up in terms of my outfit details. Reason being, I am very particular about my clothes. Specifically, I like to try them on before purchasing them. I like to make sure they have the exact fit that I am going for [since I am petite], as well as the materials and fabrics are comfortable. That’s just me.  Therefore, it’s beneficial for me to shop in stores as opposed to online. And my options for physical stores with good deals are pretty limited…down to my personal favorites. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a few online sites that I like, but I am also very impatient and hate paying and waiting for shipping. Not to mention, I still get a discount at H&M so of course I’m gonna continue to shop there lol.


Now for the look deets! I absolutely admired this correlation of simple stripes, just your classic blue and white. This pattern is so original and timeless. Although we saw stripes throughout the spring season as well, the fall season is reintroducing a classic spin on stripes, especially vertical stripes. I’m already a huge fan of monochromatic looks, like I literally search for ways to piece identical colors or patterns purposely together when I am shopping.  It’s definitely the way to go, as long as it’s not overkill. Anyway, I love the fit of both this top and these pants, it’s workplace, church and dinner appropriate. Might I add, I just see so much femininity within this look! [All pics taken and edited by me]

And of course no look is complete without the perfect shoe. I fell in love with these strappy heels for 2 reasons, I already have a pair in black [and they literally look good with any look] AND they were only $7! They’re the perfect fall open-toe hell, due to the style, the suede and the color. Another SN: One reason that I like to boldly add prices on posts [if I haven’t said it before] is because I like to represent that having a sense of style can be very affordable. It’s not always about the latest designers or top brands, to me.

Stick with me as I continue to reveal my fall wardrobe! Happy Thursday and have a blessed weekend!

Outfit: Top and Bottoms – H&M | Shoes – ShuDeal | Gold Necklaces – Zara/Forever 21 | Gold Buckle Ring – Michael Kors


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