It’s officially summer, loves! Already right. So bring on the summer looks! Charlotte, or Charlie as she’s called, is a super stylish IG blogger and Christian – meaning she’s got an automatic super fan in me. She’s simple, yet still daring in her looks. It’s like the perfect balance, which I love. And what I love about this look in particular is her daring to do leather in the summer. Not sure where she lives, but as for me and this Texas heat, may not be the best idea. However, I chose her as this week’s inspiration as an example that it can be done!

For starters, she styled this sleeveless basic white tee with such a trendy pair of bottoms. Super easy to duplicate! I’ve seen her style this same tee with high waisted denim before as well, loved. Whether you’re cutting the sleeves off of an old white tee, or folding them back with some hemming tape, it’s a staple piece in your wardrobe that can be made trendy. It appears to me that she inserted shoulder pads into this one, could be an illusion, but that’s definitely a different level project some of you creatives may want to tackle lol.

This caramel colored pair of leather joggers are so stylish! Easy to dress up with heels, as she did, or style casually with trendy sneakers. I love the color of these joggers, first and foremost. Like how could you not?! She almost made we want to pull out my pair of leather leggings that are similar to this color, but then I remembered where I live haha. They have the adjustable waist and pockets, two essentials on pants for me. I also love the elastic bottom, that detail rests perfectly over heels and sneakers in my opinion. And she chose this simple pair of white square toe strappy heels to complement the tee. I love how she tied the colors of the two in together. Flat white mule sandals or even a classic pair of white Nike Air Force Ones could’ve paired nicely with this look as well.

For such a chic, yet causal summer look, I love that she chose leather. It’s a fabric most would typically save for the fall/winter seasons. Although it may be hot where you live as well, this is for sure a look I’d love to recreate. Perfect for date night, or a casual post corona day out. She even completed the look with a coordinating leather oversized clutch, the perfect addition to complement the joggers. Her simple accessories did just the trick. Loving it, Charlie! Comment below if you plan to attempt to pull off some summer leather yourself! I’d love to see your looks! Hope you’re having a blessed week, and most importantly staying safe! Until next time my loves!

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