Happy Wedneslay loves! This post is gonna be a tad bit different, but still along the lines of how I’m doing Wedneslay this time around. Instead of featuring a certain person’s look, today I’m covering more of a current trend that I’ve been loving. And if you’re anything like me, you love all things comfy! Especially during these quarantine days, rarely ever am I getting dressed up or putting on jeans. Granted it is much hotter in Texas, too hot for sweats outside of course, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I love this stylish yet comfy trend. Plus you can always make use of them around the house, right?! They’re on every website in almost every color, which I’m loving even more. They’re so many options! The color choices have been perfectly tying into the trend. Let’s get into Draya’s for starters!

I love this soft pink color, perfect for the summer time. She’s in Cali, so I know she can get away with sweat pants outside. Anywho, the most common way I’ve seen them styled lately is represented perfectly in her photo. They’re almost always paired with a basic tank or crop top of some sort and classic white sneakers, Air Force 1s were her choice. Super easy look to duplicate, AND still be trendy while comfy! It doesn’t get any better than that for me!

This lovely young lady, by the name of @PrimalaPrincess on IG, styled a pair of sweatpants that just so happened to be my favorite color. So I couldn’t leave her out of this post! The pops of bold color sweatpants have been catching my eye all season. And I love them styled with dope sneakers, just as she did here. Now we won’t get into how it’s almost impossible to get your hands on a pair of Jordan 1s without selling a limb or kidney, I will save that for another post. But I loved them as a pop of color here IN ADDITION TO her already pop of color sweats. This look perfectly represented yet another stylish and comfy summer look. I also LOVE street style, and this gives me those vibes.

Not sure of this babe’s name, found this photo on my Explore page and was in awe. The neutral colored sweats honestly have the number 1 spot in my heart when it comes to this trend. And don’t let it be a matching set, I’m instantly sold! This is perfect for around the house, or being cute and comfy while running errands. I like that’s she chose a slight pop of color for her shoes to pair with it. This babe slayed this two piece! I’d actually risk it all and burn up in this Texas heat trying to be cute in this haha!

Items from JLuxLabel

There are so many different options and color ways and combinations with this sweats trend, which is why it’s a favorite of mine this season. It probably also has a lot to do with the fact that I love street style so much. And this is an easy way to execute it! Nevertheless, they give so many ways to style yourself comfortably and trendy. It’s as simple as throwing on a coordinating cropped top or tee, adding your favorite solid or colorful sneakers and you’re all set. Minimum effort required, which is my type of style! I’d love one of every color in this photo above, and I’d be set! Something I always say, the comfier the better for me! Comment below your thoughts on this comfy trend, or any other street style trends you may love! Until next week my loves!

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