It’s so hard to believe that I’ll be 28 in just 3 short days. I haven’t had this hard of a time grasping a new age since preparing to turn 25. I can’t help but to think about all of the things I thought I’d have, or have done by this age. And I know most will say “28 is not that old, stop it”, but it’s a bit deeper for me. Although I’m very grateful for the life I’ve been blessed with, I thought it would be much different at this age. But I know God makes no mistakes, and my journey is purposeful and intentional. Happening exactly the way that God planned it before I could even form thoughts myself. And with that, I’m walking boldly into 28. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection, spent a lot of time in prayer, and even had a little much needed fun to prepare me for this transition of a new, and scary, age. I’m on a flight out tomorrow night to properly bring in and celebrate my birthday and I cannot wait. And no this corona virus “scare” is not stopping me from living my best life. My faith is in God, not in a disinfectant spray okay!

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that most of my ages come with some sort of a theme and lesson. 27 was loss, growth and change. I was gracefully broken. I believe that 28 will be centered around healing, purpose and transition. I feel God is shifting me and preparing for a major change, and He has confirmed it. I don’t know what it is just yet, but I am hopeful and preparing myself. I’m praying more intently, along with manifesting some important things for myself. I’m thankful for the place that I’m dwelling in. It hasn’t been easy, like 3 months ago I didn’t exactly envision myself being as inspired as I am. I believe there’s a purpose for everything you endure and every person that you experience throughout life. And I believe I am right where God wants me. I’m also being careful to acknowledge where and how I’ve already been blessed. My pastor encouraged us to make a list of all the things God has already done, which will help you to be grateful.

Feeling more optimistic about 28…geesh 28, every time I think about that or say it aloud I’m in disbelief. Nonetheless, I am speaking great things for this age. Even my 10 year class reunion is this year, whew. I’ve actually decided to just round my age up to 30 in terms of my plans for change, you know to help myself prepare if that makes sense. I remember setting several goals for myself for age 30, and to think I’ll be there in 2 years, I want to make sure that I have accomplished at least some of what I have prayed for. I am a huge believer of speaking things into existence, and I am believing God for A LOT between now and then. So why not start now! I don’t want to blink and I’m turning 30, and in the exact same spot praying for the same things. If God says the same, there will be an entire shift for me this year.

I’m having the right conversations, surrounding myself with the right people, making lists, and praying specifically and intentionally, just to name a few. I believe that greater is coming, and it’s closer than I think. Everything that I’ve endured and experienced is preparing me for life at the point in which I am heading. I don’t have time for any more delays or distractions. I’m kicking off my birthday in one of my favorite cities, it’ll be full of positive vibes and energy ft. Jhene’s CHILOMBO album as my soundtrack lol. I have no choice but to be positive and move forward, claiming all that is coming for me. I’ve already hit the bottom, the unexpected has already happened, so there’s nowhere to go but up! My prayer is that this blog inspires even just one person who may be feeling some anxiety about approaching a new age, or some discouragement about the place you’re at in life. Know that God is working even in the unknown. And He will confirm the path that you’re on. You may feel isolated at times, I’ve been feeling that a WHOLE lot. But I know it’s because God is shifting me into the next chapter, and sometimes the things and people around you have to shift too. I can admit that I am a victim of letting fear defeat me, and it’s not gonna be something I just snap and no longer do. But I’ve recognized it, and I’m praying through it until it changes!

I pre-celebrated my birthday this past weekend with my closest girlfriends just to kick things off. Instead of the celebration being solely about me, I chose to celebrate each of them, thanking them for the role they played in the age of 27 for me. It was the first time I’ve ever chosen to celebrate others for my birthday, and it felt amazing. Thank you to everyone who’s sent me positive vibes, well wishes and prayers on this journey. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who want to see me succeed and flourish. It’s literally because of God that I am who I am, and I’m hoping to please Him in what I choose to do next!

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