Most of you know by now that I take and edit all of my own pictures, if you weren’t sure then yes it is true. And I take pride in that because it is not easy at all. However, for this blog I decided to bring in an executive assistant for the day. I let my boyfriend tag along while shooting my photos for this particular spring look, and that actually turned into him offering to take the photos to speed up the process. It also turned into him sort of ‘creative directing’ as well, suggesting poses and areas he thought would look good for me. Which I always appreciate his thoughts and opinions on my work as well. I thought it was a fun and innovative idea to share with you guys, especially since it was something different than my norm. Aside from his shadow in most of the pics LOL, he actually did a really good job, I was impressed! And I think secretly he enjoyed it as well LOL. I’ve received votes and feedback that you guys would like to see looks featured here with him so we’re definitely working on that as well! Now for look deets.. .[fun fact – he thinks it’s funny when I say deets and mocks me all of the time]

Let me tell y’all the 3 reasons why I was instantly drawn to these jeans once I saw them.. . First I love white jeans, and had been needing a new white pair. Secondly, they were flare which is such a cute returning trend that I have fallen for. The jeans were also in a 30″ length, meaning they would not be to long for me! I have grown so tired of buying wide leg pants that literally are underneath my feet since I am short. Not to mention the added detail of the simple slit on the knee, so I guess that makes for 4 reasons as opposed to 3. Nonetheless, these were more than enough reasons for me to get excited about these jeans!

Wanna know another fun fact y’all…this is my natural hair! I am oh so proud of it’s progress over all of these years, especially with the primarily wearing weave. I’ve chosen to take a very long hiatus from weave and embrace my real hair. I have been natural [without a relaxer] for 6 years and it was the best decision ever for my hair. Just thought I’d add that little tidbit in. And an added bonus, my boyfriend loves my natural hair! 🙂

I chose to style them with this simple orange and blue plaid top, just as a cute printed pop of color alongside the white. It’s such a simple yet stylish and easy tee that will be perfect for the summer too. And most importantly, it coordinated perfectly with my orange flat sandals I bought last summer. An alternative shoe could be white or tan sandals.

inserts random image of my boyfriend “creatively directing” me LOL I wasn’t paying him any mind, in my eyes I’m the pro here! 🙂

I am definitely excited to share with you guys my spring wardrobe and so many cute trends this season! And maybe I’ll even let him shoot a few more of my blogs. He captured some great shots, and definitely made my picture taking process much easier. Leave him some positive feedback in the comments if you like what he captured. Stay tuned for plenty more, and I do mean plenty because I have been shopping a little too much, of my spring looks to come! Happy Wedneslay!

Outfit: Top & Jeans – H&M | Sandals – Target

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