Well hey there, loves! I know, I know, it’s been quite awhile since my last blog post nearly 3 whole months ago. That just goes to show how fast time is moving, I hardly even noticed how long it had been. And man has life been a whirlwind since, filled with some bad, but also some good. I guess I can call it a mini unplanned hiatus, life just sometimes calls for those you know? But I can say the blog is officially back for the fall! I’m so excited since fall and it’s fashion is my absolute favorite! The season change from summer to fall in general just brings all the feels of peace, change, and newness for me. It always has, and it definitely is this year. So much has changed in my life in the last 3 months, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is God and His faithfulness…let me tell you! Despite some of the biggest changes that age 28 has brought me, I’m still blessed to say the least. Beyond blessed. And I’m so excited to be back sharing my fav finds, trends and deals. So let’s get started with all things fall! I’m sharing 4 of my fav trends/colors that are easily transitioning from the summer into this new season, so no need to buy them again!

  1. Knits, knits and more knits! Give me all the knits. I read one article that referred to them as ‘elevated knits’ and I think I’m gonna adopt that saying. It sounds so fancy, right? Usually when you hear knits, you think of casual sweaters and cardigans. But this spring/summer brought forth the cutest colors and combos of knits I’ve ever seen. This dress particularly, as well as similar styles, have become a key part of my wardrobe. They’re so easy to layer, dress up or style casually. They’re just what I call easy essentials. You can shop this one here at The Boutique.

Some fall styling tips for styling this dress and other knit options: layer with denim jackets, leather shirts or blazers and plaid shackets. As for shoes – booties, calf length boots and even a dope pair of sneakers for a more casual vibe. Such an easy wardrobe staple that’ll be perfect for the season.

2. Satin items! [Disregard the fact that this picture above is indeed knit, not satin lol.] I noticed this summer that satin items in almost every color were everything! So it’s only right that they trickle on into the fall season. Whether a shirt, backless cropped top, or skirt, they’re perfect to pair with both denim and leather, graphic tees and layering pieces. So def pull out those satin staples!

3. Greens, greens and more green – whether emerald green, sage, lime [or kiwi] green, this is definitely one of my fav pops of color for the season. I saw it styled beautifully throughout the summer, even styled it a little bit myself, so I can’t wait to see it transition throughout the fall season. I already have bought some pieces and have my eye on a few others that I’ll be styling, so stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll curate a whole post around it.

4. I absolutely loved chocolate brown and how it emerged in the spring season, when typically you’d see it more often as a fall color. I’ll definitely be transitioning all of my summer chocolate items, they’re now considered staples for my wardrobe. It’s like a perfect alternative for the color black since it’s dark, but I also still consider it a neutral, if that makes sense. It’s easy to pair with other neutral colors, but also alongside fun pops of color. Pray for me as I try to keep from buying everything in chocolate, as I’d typically do in black lol.

If I haven’t said it already, Happy Fall loves! It’s officially a new season for both fashion and faith, hmm that kind of has a ring to it. But I’m truly feeling that more than ever this year. I was randomly thinking the other day and I only have 6 months left of age 29. But I am actually so excited to see what God will bring forth for me in this new season. It has already been off to such a refreshing and peaceful start, so I know something amazing is in the works. More on that soon, though. Wishing you the best first full week of fall, and I can’t wait to share my fall wardrobe with you all! Surprisingly I’m still building it as of now, which is weird because I usually start in the summer. But no worries, it’s on the way and I don’t foresee any more unplanned hiatuses from the blog lol. If I don’t tell you guys enough, I am so thankful for every single person that takes the time to read these words that I type. It does not go unnoticed! Until next time, loves…

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