I seriously cannot believe we’re saying goodbye to this year already. I know I probably said that in 2017 too, but no seriously this year flew by! And boyyyy was it a whirlwind. For me this year started out pretty great,  my relationship with God was consistent. I was thriving in my then new relationship with my boyfriend. Blogging was going great. I took a couple of trips. But once April came around, my year actually shifted on what I considered a downhill slide. Since y’all are probably preparing yourselves for the night ahead, I’ll just briefly share a bit of what my year contained, and how I’m walking into 2019 myself!

Some may have noticed, others may have not. But the intense changes that I endured from April to pretty much this month impacted several areas of my life. And I can be pretty transparent about it since my goal is to always be as relatable as possible to my readers. Starting in April I lost a job that I had been at for a year and a half. I was actually in good spirits about that change as I was anticipating what God had next for me. I soon accepted a new job doing what I love, styling, full time BUT for a significant pay cut. This is where everything began to change for me. My lifestyle changed, my weight and eating habits changed, and most importantly, my faith in God began to change. BUT by God’s Grace, I survived it! The pastor at church yesterday made sure we closed service with an intense prayer specifically thanking God for all of the things that He kept us through and helped us through. I couldn’t hold back the tears because although things in my life significantly changed, I still could see God’s hand through my then clouded view.

Somehow God managed to bring me through a job loss, a significant pay cut, and back into the corporate world working for a company I’ve been applying to since I graduated college! Although none of it made sense, and some of it still doesn’t, I could NOT be more grateful for it. 2018 was a significantly difficult year for me, and most probably couldn’t even tell. But I’m going into 2019 with high hopes and an immense amount of gratitude for the way that God is mapping out my life. I survived a tough change in this year, and I spoke into existence that I would be on a new leaf before the new year! Just like in 2017 I spoke into existence that God would send me a man that is truly for me, and He did just that as well. It works! And he helped me soooooooo much through this difficult year, in more ways than one. Have faith in what you want to manifest in your life, and if it’s God’s will, it absolutely will be!

Now this blog wouldn’t be complete without me sharing a few outfit details, right?! It’s so ironic because right around Thanksgiving I fell in love with a burgundy corduroy dress just like this one in Zara! I never managed to get my hands on it, I even tried to get it during their Black Friday sale but it sold out online and I refused to go into the store lol. So I eventually just gave up on it. What are the odds that during my after Christmas shopping I would come across this identical one in another one of my favorite stores [and got to use my Christmas gift card from my boyfriend’s mom on it 😉]. I was ecstatic! I scooped up these boots along with it for only $22! I love the two paired together creating an edgy yet pre-winter style look!

I’m walking into 2019 with my head held so high! This new year, I will hold on to my faith and not let it slip through my fingers when difficulty occurs. Despite the turn this year took for me, I still managed to complete some of my goals! But in 2019, I’m coming back for all I lost in 2018! And I’m making up for lost time! Just y’all wait and see. Being a creative, and a consistent one at that, is extremely difficult especially when you’re adulting and going throughout life’s personal obstacle course. But I’m learning that everyone’s journey is different, and what God says is for you will always be for you! I’ll share my personal goals  and expectations for 2019 in my first post of the new year! For now, I’ll focus on burying all that left me hurt, confused, sad, depressed, and without faith in this year. I pray that you all have a SAFE and blessed New Year! THANK YOU for all of your 2018 support , every read and every prayer for both me and sevendaysinstyle, near and far! ✨


Outfit: Dress & Boots – Forever 21 | Coat – H&M

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