I struggled with what to title this blog, y’all. It was about to be “Whew Life, Chile” because I mean how fitting is that. This year I’m doing things a little differently, though. Traditionally I always do a Christmas blog, as well as an end of the year blog. This year I just had to combine the two because LAWD. These last 6 months of the year have gone completely opposite of what I would have expected, especially these last 2 holiday months in particular. The blog was officially back for the Fall but life said SIKE. The content I had prepared and was preparing for these last two months had to be put on hold or cancelled. Major life changes took place, okay?! But no worries, I’m not here to sulk in my difficulties from this year. I’m here to praise God for how I’m swiftly exiting this year, but in a headspace I never imagined I’d be in. Let’s get into it!

First things first, God is GOOD. Always has been, and always will be. Never changing, always present, reassuring and doesn’t miss a single thing. The peace He has given me literally surpasses all understanding. And for that I’m thankful. For those that may not know I lost my sweet maternal granny on November 14, the day before my paternal granny’s 2nd heavenly birthday, and 2 years to the date that we celebrated the basketball court that was dedicated to my late papa in 2019. In just two short years, I went from 3 living grandparents to none. And that has hit harder than anything I’ve ever gone through. I was very close to my grandparents, if you knew me then you knew them and the love I had for each of them. This is something I never imagined to be going through so soon. I have so much peace with their deaths because I know God and I know where they are resting, but the selfish earthly side of me wants them here. To see me accomplish more things, to be on the 1st row at my wedding, to meet my children…you know, that kind of stuff. Despite the pain and voids that are left, God is faithful faithful okay. He is the reason I have not and will not lose my mind, He is the reason that I will continue to live out a life that they’d be proud of. They are with me, that much I know. For those that may be wondering if I am okay, I truly am. I have so much peace that it doesn’t even make sense to me, that’s how I know it’s all God. Thank you to anyone reading that continuously checked in on me, sent me thoughtful messages, sent flowers or care packages, or even said private prayers for me and my family. THANK YOU.

On to something a little lighter, I’m hoping that your Christmas was everything you needed it to be. Mine was very low-key, spent it at my mom’s house doing all of the random things that she loves to do. Non traditional food, games and matching pjs…you know, the usual. As for this look, if you recall in my last blog post I mentioned this shade of green being a season MUST have. In fact, all of the greens this season have been EVERYTHING. I’ve been completely obsessed, so why not end the year with a monochromatic version of my favorite pop of color for the year. I contemplated this pop of print heel or my solid green heels, and you see which pair won. It was something about the print alongside this color for me. Definitely carrying this color, along with other shades, into my 2022 winter wardrobe.

2022 has me all in my feels already. Although were days away, I’m already feeling the shift of the new year and all that is to come. I’m claiming this will be the absolute best year for me personally and mentally, my relationship, my business, financially, allll dat. I’m switching up the tradition and not gonna cover goals at all this year. One thing I’ve been learning is to be more present in whatever space I’m in, and to know that if something didn’t happen it simply just wasn’t meant to. I don’t want to limit myself, nor place unrealistic expectations on myself. I’m trusting God with whatever doors He wants to open for me, as well as whatever He wants to send my way!

I’m walking in the last 3 months of age 29 now, so I want my headspace and mindset to be clearer than ever going into age 30. And it’s all starting with how I’m walking into this new year. It’ll begin with the fast that my church does every year, and then my family and I will collectively be starting The Bible Study [will link it here for anyone interested]. I’m diving into some new business ventures that I’m super excited about, and really kicking my business into high gear. I took some needed time off and I’ve slowly been getting back into creating content and styling clients. As long as this year doesn’t throw me any crazy curve balls, I should officially be back into my regular flow. Thank you loves for all of the support, and definitely the patience! I really have some loyal readers and followers and I appreciate you guys! Year #6 is on the way!

No big NYE plans here, church is canceled so the couch calls! Will probably bake cookies, have some wine and relax with my man. Here’s to all that 2022 has in store for me, my relationship, my business, my family, and more. I’ve never been more ready to walk into what I’m believing will be one of the best years of my adult life! Now let’s just pray for the hundredth time that January gets in here and acts like it has some sense okay LOL! Happy New Year loves, wishing you a safe and blessed holiday! & wear yo massssss!

Outfit: Turtleneck – H&M | Jeans & Purse – Zara | Leopard Pumps – Steve Madden | Rings – Forever21 | Bracelet – Mejuri


  1. Girl I felt this! 2021 didn’t want anyone to put out any blog posts after the Fall of the year. Haha! With trying to remain consistent on social media, posting on my blog got put in the back of my mind. Definitely planning on making a comeback for 2022 though! This outfit is everything too! Love the color on you. Happy New Year!

    • Kris Reply

      Yesss sometimes it can be a tough balance.I hope that you can make that comeback though, and thank you! Happy New Year! SN: Please disregard the fact that this post is incomplete, I have the slightest clue what happened! 🙁

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