A couple of Saturdays ago I decided to be a photographer’s model, and I’ll have to say I’m pretty glad that I did. I was more than pleased with the outcome. Although I am a blogger and always behind the camera, it’s not too often that I am behind someone else’s camera, if you get what I mean. The first time I ever agreed to be someone’s muse was I think my senior year of high school. My good friend Bobby [shoutout to DJ Blast] was an aspiring photographer and asked me to be his model for his first project.  Since then I haven’t really been a fan of being the star of a photoshoot. I’ve never really considered myself as a model, and believe it or not I’m suuuuper critical of photos of myself. Even the ones that I take of myself! So when this gentleman asked me to be his model for a vision he had, initially I was hesitant. After giving it some thought…I agreed! And here is what we came up with…. .

The photographer, Benjamin, gave me a color palette to style myself based on, in addition to a photo for inspiration. I loved the color concept and came up with this look for it. And the scenery that he chose coordinated with the look perfectly.

I knew based on the inspo pic that the photographer sent me that I wanted to do a monochromatic look. It was only after doing some shopping that I realized I’d like the idea of different shades of pink on pink. And these pants are what did it for me! They were perfect for his concept, a great style and color. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a different type of satisfaction when as a stylist you have a vision and it comes to life exactly how you had imagined. It makes all the stress and worrying more than worth it! I feel as though this look helped to tell the story that Benjamin had in mind for this photoshoot. And I was even more happy that he chose me to do it!

As far as accessories, I found this mini bag before I even found the actual look that I was going to wear. I styled the look around the bag in a sense, but I loved it’s dark contrast alongside the shades of pink. I chose rose gold earrings, watch and shoes, which always complements pink. Check out more of my favorite shots from this shoot:

This shoot surpassed my expectations, I mean far beyond. Having done my makeup myself, and finding my look last minute. I was very satisfied, it gave me just a little boost of confidence in this area of work. My boyfriend, who was my assistant for the day LOL, said that I was perfect behind the camera and should do it more often. In fact, I think this shoot was one of the best of the few shoots that I’ve done as the model. I was very satisfied and so look forward to shooting with Benjamin again soon. You can contact him, as well as view some of his work, here ! I’d love to read your feedback and thoughts on the photoshoot, just drop a comment! And as always, if you’re in need of an on-site or wardrobe stylist for your own personal or business photoshoots, I am more than willing to offer my services to you! Reach me via email [found on my contact page]. It’s almost the weekend y’all, Happy Thursdayyyyy!

Outfit: Top – H&M | Pants – Zara | Mini Bag – TopShop | Watch – Fossil | Earrings – Tory Burch

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