Happy Fall guys! Welcome to my first official post for fall! And I apologize for another unplanned hiatus. September was just a crazy busy month for me, and I didn’t prioritize blog content like I should have in the midst of all that I had to do. Let me clarify that while it was a busy month, it was very blessed! Tons of new opportunities and blessings, 3 of the most important people in my life celebrated birthdays! A great blessing that my family will get to celebrate together came forth! I also finally added the ability to book styling appts with me via my styling page –http://sevendaysinstyle.com/styling ! It was a good month to say the least. Nonetheless, my favorite fashion season is officially here! I am super excited for all of the fall looks and deets that I have to share! If you didn’t know I am also revamping my entire fall wardrobe, again, so there will be tons of new additions to my closet!  And I’m already off to a pretty good start, but I have tons of purging that I have to do first. Which leads me to mention that I may be selling some things, so stay tuned. But for starters, I am here to share my top 7 fashion essentials, must-haves, whatever you want to call them for this fall season! Let’s get into it!

  1. Snakeskin Boots – These boots are an absolute fall must-have! If you saw my last deals post, you saw that I purchased these before the summer was even over for only $20! I couldn’t dare leave them in the store, and now they’ve become my favorite fall statement item! From pairing them with long coats, denim, knit dresses and even fur, I’m so excited to see how well they will function within my fall wardrobe! Not to mention, calf boots are so in style this season. I remember wanting a pair of thigh highs in this print last season. These were so worth the wait and find.
  2. Black Denim Jacket – It’s no secret that I love my denim jacket, actually wearing it currently as I type haha. However, I’ve always wanted a solid black denim jacket and just never got my hands on one over the years. There’s something about mixing black and regular washes of denim together that I love, so I finally buckled down and began my search for one for this season. I’m pretty sure it will slowly take the place of my blue denim jacket. It’s just as easy to add to any casual fall look, just as you would with a blue denim.
  3. Graphic Tees – If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen how my graphic tee collection has been quickly expanding. It’s actually one of the main trends I’m excited for this season. I love the ability to dress them up and down, casually with jeans or chic with a skirt. Their versatility is what has me currently captivated by them. Plus, I keep finding them for ridiculously low prices and we all know I can’t resist a good deal.

4. Mini Bags – I’m obsessed with the mini bag trend! Especially these two beauties that I’ve recently added to my collection. I’m probably repeating myself at this point but I hardly like carrying a purse as it is, so the smaller the better. I can’t believe I actually ever participated in the era of larger purses, I could never again. Mini bags are so convenient, so dainty and chic. They’re the perfect touch to any casual or classy look!

Just to share another great deal, I got this knit wrap top for less than $3 during my sale rampage I went on a couple of weeks ago at my favorite store. They were having an additional 70% and man did I rack up on items for my end of summer and fall wardrobe! I loved this ribbed knit top paired with this denim skirt, and these fun boots were just the right finish to this look! Comment which mini bag you think completes this look the best!

5. Endless Denim – Of course you had to know denim would be a key part of my fall essentials. What’s fall without good staple denim, which I am actually in need of. Lately I haven’t been able to fit in most of my favorite pairs of denim, so that will be added to the top of my shopping list. I’m actually thinking of investing in a couple of pairs that I know will last me for some years for sure.

6. Black Heels – Summer was all about the neon and clear heel epidemic, which I too was a fan of. However I’m actually beyond ready to retire those colorful pairs of heels and get back to the basics of neutrals. I recently purchased a super cute pair of black mesh heels, and a classic pair with an open square toe and square heel that I’m excited about styling. Black as well as any neutral colored pair of heels are super easy to add to any fall looks. Especially within a neural colored palette for fall, which I am going for.

7. Leather Pants – Sad to say, but I started purchasing leather pants while it was still 100 degrees outside here in Texas haha. I noticed the heavy comeback and refused to sit back and watch them all disappear, wishing I had jumped on trend like I do with so many other trends every year. And this year was especially important that I re-up on leather pants and leggings, since the majority of mine no longer fit or had officially been worn out. I had tons of pairs in amazing colors that I had accumulated over the years of working at H&M, however that was well before I was past my mid-20s and let’s just say this petite body might have gained a little since then 😉. Nevertheless, I am well prepared this season and super excited to style what I’ve purchased so far!

I’d love to know some of your personal fall essentials and trends that you find to be must-haves as well! Comment!! These are just my top 7, but there are definitely plenty more on my list. I absolutely love fall fashion and could go on for days about it! But instead I’ll just showcase my favorite styles and looks for you guys as they come! I’ll be catering to the men as well, so don’t feel left out my guys! Hope you’re having an amazing and blessed start to your week, my fall women’s bible study group starts back up tomorrow and that’s something outside of fall fashion that I’m excited about! Please stay tuned for all that’s to come this fall! You won’t be disappointed!

Outfit: Top – Forever21 | Skirt – H&M | Boots – Zara | Mini Bags – TopShop @ Nordstrom

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