Talk about a GOOD Friday?! Y’all know I get real excited about Easter, and believe me it’s not just for the fashion. The fashion does play a part but I mean an empty tomb?? It just doesn’t get any better than the resurrection of Jesus Christ! But I’m here to drop just a couple of spring accessories in the midst of that amazing story. Check out these 2 newbies that I’ll be sporting this easter Sunday. And do I have any idea with what?  Nope! Not a clue! Actually heading to the mall to find something just as soon as I finish this post haha. BUT, that brings me to my brilliant point…starting with the shoes.

In terms of finding the perfect look, ever start at the bottom and work your way to the top? That’s what I do almost every time I am styling myself to go anywhere. Whether it’s an important event, church, or even for work, it honestly makes it so much easier to narrow down your choices when you decide which shoes you’ll be wearing from the start. To me, it’s so much easier to find an outfit to match with shoes, versus finding shoes to match a particular outfit. I have no clue what I will be wearing with these, but I have what I call the core foundation of my look. So if you’re like me, no idea where to start for your perfect easter outfit, try this out. You may be surprised how much more of a breeze looking for an outfit becomes. It helps to limit which colors, patterns and styles you have to choose from, saving you more time than you think.

I simply adore the style of both these heels and this bag. Both hold the same amount of uniqueness and just so happen to be the perfect coordinating colors. Perfect for my Easter look!

*Spoiler Alert* (not really because y’all know where I typically do most of my shopping and why) but I found both of these cuties at Forever21 and let me just say, they are keeping me very satisfied this season. Like they are coming with it, both the styles AND the prices. The shoes were under $30 & the purse was under $20. They are killing it throwing out the trends and coordinating with the color schemes. I am one happy customer. A little too happy because I predict that my pockets will be suffering from all of this cuteness lol. Nevertheless, if you’ve been sleep on them lately, I suggest that you wake up very quickly. Literally…since everything goes so fast in that store.

Never forget my favorite verse, 1 John 4:19, we love because he first loved us.

Praying that everyone has a safe, blessed and Happy Easter!

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