Now I have to say, I was quite offended that a few people voted “Nah” to featuring this look here on my Instagram poll…which is why I typically avoid those polls. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but other times…yeaa I’m sure you can assume what I’m thinking so I’ll just leave it there lol. Nonetheless! Here it is, because I’m the ultimate decision maker anyway 🙂 . And although the deets may be predictable or easy to guess, I still wanted to share. I even got some good deals too!

I purchased both of these items while on my mini getaway in Austin last weekend, or was that 2 weekends ago? Anywho, I went shopping at one of Austin’s main shopping centers called The Domain. I’d suggest that anyone who loves shopping and outdoor scenery to visit while in Austin, it’s super cute and I would live there if I could. Anyway, I got this Metallica tee on sale for only $5! I honestly will admit that I own entirely too many white and black tees with wording or graphics on the front. So finding a nude colored graphic tee was a bit exciting. I bought both of these items within an hour of each other, but not necessarily to be worn together. However, I knew I didn’t want to style these pants with either a black or white tee because it was so typical to me. So once I got home, I tried the two on together and here we are. I didn’t capture the best angles of the tee, but if you look closely you can see a bit of each color of the pants within the graphics on the shirt. Good find, right?!

I’ve actually been searching for a pair of these pants since fall. With me being so petite, it was almost impossible for me to find a pair that didn’t completely swallow me. Not to mention I didn’t want to run the risk of ordering a pair online that I couldn’t even try on. I just so happened to luck up and find these in an XS! And for only $25! They aren’t as fitted as I would prefer but I think that’s just part of the style of them. My plan is to transition these into Spring too. I kind of wish I bought them in a different color combination too…I’ll pick up that search later.

And of course my fav black booties had to complete the look. I switched them out with my classic Old Skool vans for a chill nightwear transition. More random information? The wind was viscous while taking these pics but I survived. Oh! And I’m down to the final 3 days of my church’s annual New Year fast. My pastor gives us the option to participate in the Daniel Fast, or to just choose some other areas/things to fast from. I always choose something that will really be sacrificial and challenging for me…sweets. Any sugar, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, sweet tea, juices, Starbucks, all of the things that I love, are my weakness. I give this up every year for 21 days. This year I added fast food and eating out, which forces me to cook at home…everyday…yeah. BUT! It has been going well and I have not broken my fast. [Besides when I went to Austin for 2 days because I had no choice] Pray for me as I finish out these last 3 days though!


Wishing you guys a blessed Friday Jr. & weekend!

Outfit: Shirt – H&M | Pants – Forever21 | Boots – CapeRobbin | Earrings – Tory Burch | Watch – Fossil

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