I will say it again LOL, if you’re anything like me, you’re all about comfort these days. We’re not really going anywhere spectacular, well at least I’m not. So comfy clothing is my number one option when getting dressed for errands, food or grocery runs, etc. It’s super obvious that the tie dye trend is dominating at the moment – check out my blog post about it here. But what this pandemic has also brought forth in fashion is a sense of cute while comfy. And I have been finding just that in matching sets, especially the tie dye ones. They are my absolute fav in terms of comfort and versatility. You can dress them up, or down. You can experiment with color and neutrals. They just work well on their own, and not a lot of effort has to be put forth. And Mina, a popular IG blogger and online boutique owner, has slayed these sets here recently! So much so that it’s inspired me in more ways than one! Let’s get into it loves!

Here’s a super cute way that Mina styled her comfy matching set with neutral heels! The perfect summer combo!

I love this example of just how easy and effortless it is to slightly dress up a casual matching set! She chose the perfect shade of neutral summer heels to coordinate with the colors of the set. This look is perfect for post quarantine days out, date nights or even brunch! As I always say, the comfier the better for me. This is a great example of what I’d call comfy chic! I love being able to be comfortable while still making a stylish statement.

Loving these shades of blue, a good example of more color being brought forth with the matching tie dye set trend as well. I’ve seen these sets in literally a multitude of colors, almost any color you could think of. And there are so many different versions of these sets, which I also love. A trend that gives options, ya know. There’s the oversized shirts and loose fitting shorts, but there’s also this style that features a tied top paired with biker shorts. Although she styled this set more comfy with coordinating Ugg slippers, it too could be styled up for similar occasions as I mentioned for the above look. Nonetheless, she slayed all 3 of these comfy sets! Super cute and easy for the summer time! She also features this set in multiple colors, but this blue was my favorite.

As I’ve mentioned more than I’d probably like to admit, comfort in terms of clothing will always be my preference. There have been more times than I can count where I’ve walked away from a garment I was ready to purchase because it was super uncomfortable, itchy, or something I’d have to fix while wearing which is a huge no for me. That is why my love for coordinating comfy sets, solids and tie dye actually, has grown insanely during this season. I want to be cute yet comfy while I’m at home, or running my errands. However, due to their high demand, it’s always hit or miss for me on popular fast fashion sites. Whether they’re sold out completely, or just don’t have my size, it’s driven me crazy here lately and it’s been almost impossible to get my hands on a cute set. So much so that it’s recently inspired me to take a small leap of faith towards something I have aspired to do and manifested since I started officially styling 8 years ago. Stay tuned for a super special surprise at the end of this week that I’m SO excited about, and that just so happens to relate to this tie-dye trend. Until next time loves, stay safe and blessed!

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