These two cuties made me switch up my Wedneslay plans for them! And what are the odds, since I’ve been jamming their new album everyday since they dropped it last week. They’re my absolute favorite singer/sister duo, so I might be just slightly biased. But I stan the looks they’ve been serving for quite awhile now. They always look put together, especially on stage and in their videos. What I love most is how their looks always coordinate and complement each other, without being too matchy matchy, if you know what I mean. Whether they’re wearing the same design, one in pants and one in a skirt. Or even these looks for instance, both in jumpsuits yet different colors and different cuts.

I’m loving the bold colors of each of these jumpsuits for the summer time. These colors complemented each of their skin tones perfectly,  and they’re so vibrant and fun for the season. Another trend I’ve been a huge fan of, is ruching. For me, ruching around the hips accentuates your figure and curves. I love it on a top as well, but I especially appreciate it’s place on the bottom half of clothing. And these ladies bodies are BANGING in these ruched jumpsuits! 

I was really feeling the difference in the cuts of each sister’s top half of their jumpsuit. Chloe’s jumpsuit featured cold shoulders and side cut outs, two great summer design details for sure. And Halle’s jumpsuit has a mock neck with her sweetheart neckline peeking through, super super cute! Each lady’s look always complements their figure and shape, which I love that their stylist pays attention to. Halle has a very petite build with great sized boobs, super similar to me lol. And Chloe has the hips and curvy bottom, a perfect silhouette! These sisters definitely have amazing bodies for the style of clothing that they wear! They can make anything look good! 

The one thing about this look that I’d change, are the shoes. I would’ve styled them each in bold colored summer single sole heels. Maybe a bold cobalt blue for Chloe to coordinate with the yellow, and a white or green pair for Halle to complement the hot pink! I do love these mesh/net covered clear heels, I actually own a pair myself. Just don’t love them for these looks. I’d prefer an open toe, more summery [if that’s a word] pair of heels. But these babes still killed it for sure!

These looks from their performance today instantly caught my eye and were definitely worth the Wedneslay switch up from who I originally chose to feature. Pops of color and ruching are some great summer details that I’m looking forward to styling myself! Bold colors are definitely in for the season! Hope you enjoyed this week’s feature, loves. Same time next week? Cool! Have a blessed week!

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