That’s right, Wedneslay returns! For those of you who remember this segment I started years ago, I’m so glad you wanted to tune into it again. For those that are new here, let me briefly explain what Wedneslay entails. It’s super simple, I usually choose a celebrity or a stylish well known person of some sort, and identity a look of theirs as my favorite for the week. I breakdown what I love about their look, or even a trend that they are representing well. Sometimes, I may even recreate the look myself as an added bonus. This segment will be recurring every week specifically on Wednesdays, whereas day is replaced with the word “slay”, one of my fav fashion terms! So thank you for tuning in, and let’s get into it! This week’s favorite is a look from Draya!

I wish she had posted multiple pics of this look, so bear with me since this is the only image I have to work with.

Draya’s style has definitely emerged over the years, and I’ve become quite the fan. Not a fan of everything she wears though, sometimes it’s a bit risqué for me, but a fair amount to say the least. I also love that she has an affordable style. She wears Fashion Nova, Missguided and other affordable fast fashion brands that we all know and love. This recent look particularly was my favorite for more reasons than one.

Lately I have been loving monochromatic looks specifically with whites and creams. This was the PERFECT spring – summer transitional look. And so easy to duplicate. Ruched front cropped tops are definitely trending this season, I’ve even snagged a couple myself. Aside from it’s color too, I really love the fit of this top! Mainly because I love any top that doesn’t require wearing a bra but can still offer support, if I’m being honest. Ladies, if you get sick of wearing bras I know you feel me. It’s a lightweight, thin strapped top perfect for the summer heat. I love that she paired it with and identical colored maxi skirt…GOLD. What a perfect summer combo, great for the beach, vacation, boat parties etc, whenever this pandemic permits of course. It’s even a comfy casual look for hosting around your house or backyard. It’s light and flows, comfy with a cute fit. She added the perfect coordinating clutch to really add a subtle pop to this look, I adored this clutches exterior details. Adding a clutch to this look was a great choice, think of it as a cute summer handheld for storing your phone and sunglasses. I’m gonna track it down and figure out where she got it from. Now I’d complete this look with tan [sand] or black strappy sandals or mules. Hair pulled back [just like hers], sunglasses on, point me to the nearest resort in this look! It could be dressed up with scrappy heels as well for more of a sexy date night feel.

That’s all there is to it loves, Wedneslay is sweet and straight to the point! I hope you enjoyed my review of this perfectly stylish summer ensemble. I’m thinking I’m gonna recreate this one this summer, so stay tuned. Be sure to comment below what you love about this look too! Meet me here same time next week?! Perfect! Stay safe, and have a good rest of the week loves!

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